Chemtrails in Florida

For the last month Florida State has been massively sprayed with geo-engineering planes, literally crop dusting the population with Aerosols.  Investigations and inquiries on the state level and above are being ignored and chemtrail spraying is being denied at the highest levels of our government. The only way to halt chemtrail toxic spraying on us is for the general population to wake up and demand that it stop.

One of the most damning aspects of the evidence is that Chemtrails have been sampled globally, and in all cases have been found to contain at a minimum barium and aluminum oxide. If Chemtrails were created by any of the suggested means that are friendly to the environment, this wouldn’t be the case. Skies that have no Chemtrails do not drop barium or aluminum oxide particles. Samples have been taken from America, Australia, The Asian Pacific Rim, England, and Europe.

It is a scientific fact that the more foreign bodies that enter the blood stream the shorter a person’s lifespan will be. The reason is quite simple. Foreign bodies are dealt with by the immune system. The more one stresses the immune system, the faster one ages, and the more typical illnesses triumph over time. The human body always has cancerous cells that are being purged from the system. When the body is sidetracked flushing foreign particles the more those cancerous cells have a chance of succeeding. It is no mystery that cancer has become the world’s leading cause of death, and sometimes in phantom methods such as organ failure.

Chemtrails harbor extremely devious components that are not to be taken lightly. These particulates can be categorized into three categories: ionized metallic salts, fibrous materials, and desiccated human red blood cells. The purpose of these particulates is of course a mystery if one needs to press for certain cause. What we can know about these materials is their effect on the human body, and potential use by nefarious owners.

7 comments on Chemtrails in Florida

  1. Michael Forrest says:

    We all should be actively presenting the evidence of their existence to all those around us until it is accepted that the secret government is conducting this operation without congressional approval and to the detriment of all Americans.

  2. Mark Talbert says:

    Why has there been clear skies reported from other states but not in Florida. They are spraying our skies heavily just about every single day around the Kennedy Space Center area where I live. President Trump seems to know of this catastrophic situation.

    1. Sue says:

      It has been absolutely horrible in Manatee county, especially after the announcement of cv19. We are in serious drought, I believe this is why!

    2. ronald harris says:

      He does thay showed a picture of him touring a chemtrail tanker right after he was elected I am pissed he has done nothing since then . he pulls out of the global climate accord of wich chemtrails and reduction in sunlight are part of.i tweet these articles to him on his twitter site about once a month so far silence. This is the viehcle uses to spread Coron Virus so rapidly. Another point Isreal has ablout 40 cases nation wide and 1 death. with 8 million living in close quarters that is relly low I wonder why?

  3. Dayle Schweninger says:

    Would you also do a scientific factual article on car polution, airplane, smoke stack etc.? Because they spew out particulates 365 days a year. Where as chem trails are polluting, what about the daily garbage we are exposed to? Thanks for being all inclusive, Dayle

  4. Debra L. Williams says:

    I live in the Northern most portion of Indian River County and have spotted two silver (no visible markings) medium sized jets spraying EVERY morning. They seem to be flying in a North by North west trajectory. They lay down broken lines of spray, that hovers and spreads out, creating an overall haze. I don’t think most people even remember what natural clouds look like. They have become so accustomed to these feathery, fine thread like clouds, that they actually THINK they are natural clouds. I have been spreading the word for almost twenty years now, ever since I first saw them in Arkansas and realized what they were. At that time they were laying down dense heavy gray trails in circular patterns using huge military jets. I also contracted a chronic lung disease during this same time called Bronchiectasis. The bacteria that causes this condition has been found in samplings taken in California. In other words they are SPRAYING FORMS OF RESPITORY DISEASE CAUSING BACTERIA ON PEOPLE.

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