I Bid You Welcome To The New Church Of Mabus Radio Show

Thanks to our marketing team via John for this amazing new website. Lemme tell you there is no way I would have been able to put this up by myself. He is a genius with these situations and great to have him on the mothership with us to travel thru the aeons of space. I plan on adding our archives for this year to the site.

But if you’d like to find shows from earlier on I will put 2 links below to Soundcloud and Podbean that you can frollick thru via Joe Montaldo’s UFO Paranormal Radio Network. We are also in partnership with Andrew Colvin’s New Saucerian which puts out many amazing books. Thank you to everyone for your support and just know there is more to come.

I bid you welcome to our new Church of Mabus radio show website!

Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/uprn

UPRN Podbean https://ufoparanormalradio.podbean.com/

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