The New Saucerian Press

Saucerian Productions is the home of Metadisc Records and New Saucerian Press. We specialize in bringing you unusual audio, visual, and graphic works online. New Saucerian‘s administrative headquarters is located in a haunted mansion in Seattle, Washington, next to the house where Jimi Hendrix grew up. And our warehouse is located in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, on land once owned by the family of Mark Twain. Our current landlord there is Capt. Slack, an actual riverboat captain on the Ohio and Mississippi rivers.


To preserve the history and folklore of the Ohio Valley,
particularly as it pertains to UFOs, Mothman,
Men in Black, and other paranormal denizens
or “glitches” in reality.

Most of our music and book releases are available on Amazon, iTunes, and CD Baby, but we will also make them available here in the future, along with tantalizing freebies and mind-blowing conceptual activities. In fact, our art offerings will be available through the Seattle Conceptual Art Museum store, which will be linked here.

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