Russian Ancient Giant Sea Monster Remains Found

The massive skeleton of a sea creature that once flourished on the planet but went extinct centuries ago has been unearthed on a remote island in Russia. The jaw-dropping remains, which measure around seventeen feet long, were found at a nature reserve on the country’s Commander Islands. Initially just seen as some bones protruding from the sand, the skeleton was fully revealed after a four-hour dig that likely felt endless to the eight people enlisted to remove it from the ground.

It was subsequently determined that the remains were that of a creature known as ‘Stellar’s sea cow,’ a monstrous aquatic mammal that existed on the planet for millions of years up until the late 1700’s. Sadly, it is said that the creature possessed a friendly disposition which led to its demise due to encountering a few too many hungry sailors who found it to be easy prey.  Since this specific sea cow was found without a head, one wonders if it may have suffered a similar fate.

If that were the case, at least the creature managed to pop up one last time to give us a scare before revealing that it meant to harm at all.

Source: Newsweek

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