Sasquatch Researchers Sue State of CA to Prove Bigfoot Exists!

A Canadian Sasquatch researcher currently suing the province of British Columbia is bringing his case to California by way of another lawsuit filed last week.

Todd Standing made headlines last fall when he began a civil lawsuit against the Canadian government in an effort to prove that Sasquatch exists in a court of law. Not content to simply wait for the case to work its way through the Canadian legal system, Standing is now teaming up with some American counterparts to go after the state of California.

In keeping with the curious nature of the legendary creature, details surrounding the case are fuzzy, at best, although the crux of the lawsuit centers around proving that Sasquatch is real and deserves to be protected by the state. Certain that he has the evidence to confirm, once and for all, that Bigfoot is a flesh and blood creature, Standing declared to Global News in Canada, “we can’t lose. How can we lose?”

Much like his strategy for suing the Canadian government, the Sasquatch researcher plans to enlist a bevy of experts who, he believes, will testify to the reality of the creature. What separates this new lawsuit from the British Columbian version is that Standing and company apparently have an actual hearing date for the case: March 19th. Whether the group will be able to make their case for the creature then or if it is simply the day that the lawsuit gets summarily dismissed by a disgusted judge remains to be seen.

Source: Global News

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