Was D.B. Cooper in The CIA?

Independent investigators working on the infamous D.B. Cooper case believe that the notorious skyjacker may have been connected to the CIA. Filmmaker Thomas Colbert, who is spearheading the multidisciplinary team of researchers, announced the latest findings from the group on Thursday.

Following the discovery of what appears to be a code in a Cooper letter from shortly after the caper, the investigators examined other missives thought to have been written by the elusive skyjacker. In those writings, they discovered what seem to be additional codes that might shed light on Cooper’s identity. “The new decryptions include a dare to agents, directives to apparent partners, and a startling claim that is followed by Rackstraw’s own initials,” Colbert’s team revealed in a press release.

They explain that Cooper apparently indicated that, if caught, he fully expected to be released because he worked for the CIA. Incredibly, this connection to the CIA also tracks with the Colbert team’s prime suspect in the case, Robert Rackstraw, who they contend also worked for the agency in a clandestine fashion. In fact, the group argues that it was this affiliation with the spy agency that led the FBI to ‘conveniently overlook’ Rackstraw as a suspect in the case.

Source: Seattle Post-Intelligencer

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