Beyond the Pale Horse: The Strange Case of Milton William Cooper

In “Beyond the Pale Horse: The Strange Case of Milton William Cooper,” legendary conspiracy publisher Gray Barker continues his “Strange Case” series by looking at one of the most controversial conspiracy theorists of all time: William Cooper.

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Cooper was killed in a shootout with federal agents in 2001, thus enshrining him forever into whatever “Hall of Fame” exists for conspiracy theorists. Cooper’s book, “Behold a Pale Horse,” remains the top selling conspiracy and UFO book, on Amazon, almost 20 years after it was originally published.

In this book, Barker, who knew Cooper before he died, analyzes some of the material sent to him by Cooper in the 1980s, offering his insight into the man and the legend. Chapter headings include:

1. “Operation Majority”

2. “The Secret Government: MJ-12”

3. “The New Man”

4. “Following the Money”

5. “Alternative This, Alternative That”

6. “Majesty 12”

7. “Beaten By the Belt”


-“Militias and the Terror Dialectic”

-“Polite Society: Gun Control in America”

Published by New Saucerian Press

Cover photo: Andy Colvin

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