Itzhak Beery-Announcing Rare Shamanic Pilgrimage to the Andes

Itzhak Beery will be coming to COM May 25th 8pm Eastern


Ecuador–the Rising Spiritual Healing Epicenter–to Host the First Ever

Wisdom Keepers Summit to Answer Modern World Issues.

NEW YORK, February 5, 2018 – From June 16-23, 2018, ten of the most prominent spiritual teachers and healers of the High Andes of Ecuador will be gathering for the first time at The Andes Summit, conceived and organized by ShamanPortal.org: the global resource for all things shamanic, and it’s Founder, bestselling author Itzhak Beery.

These renowned indigenous Yachaks–shamans all agreed that this is, perhaps, the last moment to teach the people of the technologically advanced Western world their ancient ways to sustain the Earth, to open their hearts to global peace, balance their physical, emotional and spiritual health, and to preserve the well-being of our society in peril. They are wholeheartedly, and with open arms, waiting for each of you to come to their land.

In this rare spiritual and healing pilgrimage, transpiring over 8 days and 7 nights, participants will experience life-changing Master Classes, personal healing ceremonies in the healer’s homes, and sacred indigenous rituals. They will dance and partake in the sacred Inca’s Inti Raymi (solstice ceremonies) in their villages, and take majestic nature hikes to the lakes, waterfalls and mountaintops. Plant Medicine (Ayahuasca and Huachuma) ceremonies will be optional. The Andes Summit is a true immersion in the local cultures and philosophies of life. Participants will restore the peace, love, and healing that comes from being in intimate relationship with the great Web-of-Life.

Last year, I promised my teacher, Don José Joaquin Pinéda, that I’d bring the sons and daughters of the Eagles — the people of the North — to learn from the sons and daughters of the Condors and their Yachaks (healers) in their own homes. I’m thrilled that other Shamans (many teachers of mine as well) enthusiastically embraced our vision. Join me, and many other seekers from around the world, in the consciousness revolution we are all part of. Together, utilizing the shaman’s guiding wisdom as a blueprint, we’ll create a strong global shamanic community for the sake of humanity and future generations on this miraculous planet,” said Founder, Itzhak Beery.

The important topics the shamans will cover: The Seven Teachings of the Condor, Ushai-The 5th Element, Taki Sami-The Healing Andes Sound method, Andean sacred body movements, Opening the Feminine Heart, Tsachila Ancestral Healing, Midwifery Women’s Healthcare, La-Limpia Sacred Andes Energy Clearing, The Path of Light Healing, The Sacred Fire, and more.

Photos, Videos, and Interviews are available upon request.


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