Church of Mabus Political Leanings & American Ragnarok

Apparently someone went psycho under John Steele’s post about Democrats. Very rude and cussing and attacking me for something John wrote. I deleted the comments. It was just as bad as what they were supposedly condemning and seemed like something a little upset kid would write because he didn’t get his G.I. Joe with the Kung Fu grip for Christmas.

As for me Jeffery Pritchett and my political leanings. I am an independent that is dismayed with both parties. I see weak and frail Democrats who did all they could to destroy Bernie Sanders. If you look on my political paperwork here where I live you will see it says Independent. As for the Republican party. It has become a monstrosity that no longer helps the poor and our veterans and continues to piss on the middle class. It is like they want the middle class to be poor as well in my eyes. The leadership of both parties continue to get richer and richer while the poor get poorer and poorer. How can I support either of them? It is simple I do not. And Democratic leadership really are a bunch of pusstoots who disgust me.

If John who is also an independent wants to write something then he can. If you disagree with it then bring forth a worthwhile comment that isn’t filled with calling people trailer trash etc. You sound like what you are condemning. I still struggle with understanding why anyone likes Trump. He gets on my nerves. The government gets on my nerves. Trump continually lies whilst pointing out other people are lying. It is simply a bizarro episode of Twilight Zone I shall entitle Gas lighting 101.

If you watch Oliver Stone’s Untold History of the United States you will see what America really is. America is a monster that bombs people to bring democracy to them. If I had my way I would raise a Viking Berserker Clan in North America and conquer it and install Norse rule. I believe all races should have fair equality. I don’t care who people marry or sleep with. I just don’t give a phuck people. I love American Indian culture and spirituality and lately since finding out I’m 86% British and Viking I have been studying the Norse Vikings a whole lot. If war comes to America I hope you’ll join my clan. I don’t care what race you are or gender or sexuality. Yes I know I’m insane most berserkers are.

I got enough to deal with. I think America deserves better for us all and equality for all and I think Jeff Sessions is a little prick that needs to go to prison for his stance on Marijuana. It is blatantly obvious that he is taking big pharma hand outs. And if Trump goes back on his stance on Marijuana then that will be more lies from him. I’ve been thru chemo without marijuana it is not pleasant. It should be legal for anyone who wants it like beer.

There are things about Liberals that annoy the living hell outta me and there are things about Conservatives that annoy the living hell outta me. In truth I just want to be left alone and continue to be a hermit in the woods who does a radio show every Friday night for free. Politics in America is a sold out joke now. Sold out to the highest bidder. If you still wanna play that board game.. knock your socks off. Politicians aren’t gods. They are just sold out losers to the highest bidder. So roll the dice and enjoy the monopoly that America has become. Where are all the heroes now? In congress? LMAO We surely are phucked then.

Merry Freaking Valentine’s Day!

Eternally Yours, Jeffery Pritchett

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