COM Nick Redfern: The Slenderman Mysteries: An Internet Urban Legend Comes to Life

Coming March 16th 8pm Eastern

The creepiest & hostile creature that the Internet has ever seen: The Slenderman

The Slenderman has curious origins. He began ‘life’ purely as an Internet creation, specifically the work of a man named Eric Knudsen. In June 2009, Knudsen, via the pseudonym of ‘Victor Surge,’ uploaded a couple of doctored photos of the Slenderman to the Something Awful website forum. In no time at all, others began writing and posting their very own tales of the Slenderman. Short stories, blogs, novels, online games, chat-rooms, and more soon followed.
Has The Slenderman come to life?

Then, something menacing and sinister happened: People all across the world began to see the Slenderman. Not just on the Internet, not in novels or in the pages of comic-books, but in their homes. In their bedrooms. In mysterious woods. In dreams that rapidly escalated into full-blown nightmares. Since 2009, countless numbers of people claim to have seen, and been attacked, plagued, and terrified by this skeletal, pale giant in black.

But how could such a thing have happened?

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