Scary Clown Causes a Stir in Albuquerque

The city of Albuquerque had a strange visitor over the weekend when a creepy clown was spotted lurking on a series of popular hiking trails.

The eerie individual, who bears an uncanny resemblance to the infamous clown Pennywise, was seen by several people as they were walking their dogs or biking through the Albuquerque Bosque.

One witness managed to capture footage of the haunting harlequin and the video became something a viral sensation in the area as residents wondered about the nature of the clown.

Fortunately, TV station KRQE managed to solve the mystery by tracking down the man behind the greasepaint, Everett Wilbanks, and learned that he was in the Bosque for a cosplay photo shoot.

According to him, his visit to the trails sparked more than just curiosity from onlookers as some worried witnesses apparently called the police about their clown sighting.

“They assured me I wasn’t doing anything illegal,” Wilbanks recalled of the encounter with the cops, “and they said it was weird.”

Source: KRQE

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