More Time Travelers Emerge

It would seem that 2018 is turning out to be the year of the time traveler as more purported ‘people from the future’ have stepped forward.

Most recently making waves is a ‘future man’ who, unlike other individuals who have made similar claims, appears to be showing his face, although it may be distorted by some kind of mask or makeup.

Initially appearing about three months ago, the person known as ‘Alexander Smith’ recently returned with a follow-up video to reiterate his claims and ‘prove’ via an alleged photograph from the year 2118.

While Smith may differ from the other ‘time travelers’ who feverishly conceal their identity, his story is not altogether very different as it is another fantastic tale of clandestine CIA operations and amazing ‘revelations’ about the future.

According to him, humans can look forward to meeting aliens, should worry about global warming, and prepare themselves for what sounds like an annoying switch to everyone using military time to accommodate the ‘new reality’ of time travel.

Considering that the United States remains steadfast in its refusal to even consider adopting the metric system, that last ‘prediction’ makes one more than a little suspicious of Smith’s story.

Also casting doubt upon his tale is that he is simply one of many people who have strangely stepped forward in recent weeks and months to claim that they are time travelers.

Indeed, whether it’s the ‘future man’ with an artifact from 3780 or the guy who said he went to the year 9428, keeping track of all of these time travelers is beginning to become a near-impossible task.

And while we don’t know exactly where they are all coming from, it’s a safe bet that we can figure out when: 2018.

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