I See Luminous Beings Of Light In The Heavens – Are They Us Without Our Bodies?

This is very important from me to you. Please read it when you can.

Take this from me if you ever take anything from me. The reason I do the Church of Mabus radio show is because I’ve seen weird stuff all my life after going thru chemo when I was 17. This ranges from Ghost to UFOs via every house I move to. It follows me. I also see beings of light and have seen 2 leave my house. I saw them outside leave thru my roof. Meaning they were inside and they came out thru the roof via passing thru it and flew into the heavens. I can also see these beings in the heavens at night when I stare out into space. Like a quantum realm around the Earth where they exist. I liken it to honey bees and a honey comb which is the Earth. If these beings of light are us without our bodies. Do you know what that means? We are eternal.
Though why we have to get into these fleshly twinkie skin suits is beyond me sometimes. It means we’re all on the same team. It means all the racism and sexism and war and fights over religion is completely stupid. Because we’re all on the same team of alien spirit light glowie beings! I am trying to write a book about this and hope to get it done. But if something happens to me because I’ve wondered if I’m croaking when I see this stuff. I don’t think I am but it passes thru your mind. But if you take anything from me take this knowledge from me and I hope it helps you on some level.
I think most of you know I don’t just make up shit. When I see these beings it is like the Universe is allowing me to see them and it puts its finger on my head and shows me. I can see them good after waking up and looking out there. Its like I was there when I was sleeping and my inner light being is showing me. Then I look out later and nothing is there its dull as can be like that finger of great spirit is gone from my head. Outta of all the things to see if I had a choice it would probably be something else. lol Not glowing faerie light beings. I am not pressing my beliefs on you but please consider the realm of possibility if you don’t believe it. Thanks all for being here and I send my love and be ready a big Native Shaman Pow Wow is coming to www.churchofmabusradio.com this Summer. And we will talk about these beings and the star people and the Earth and much much more. Love you all and thanks for your support and friendship and for being on the show and for being a spiritual ally. I am grateful for seeing them though and for all of you. I am sharing it now in case I do croak before finishing the book. lol
If you have any experiences that are similar and or have seen light beings please let me know or write it out in the comments and I will save it for the book possibly or you can email it to me at mabusincarnate@gmail.com
Eternally, Jeffery Pritchett

4 comments on I See Luminous Beings Of Light In The Heavens – Are They Us Without Our Bodies?

  1. Trudy Halterman says:

    Greetings,…my name is Trudy,… many years ago,.i was sitting in my living room, my husband asleep on the sofa,… I was watching an episode of Star Trek 😉 ,…. I heard this deafening loud crack, like a tree had been snapped like a twig,.. I felt electric go through my arms and legs, I didn’t know what the heck was going on,.after a couple seconds I looked around at Melvin, (but he never stirred),…. then out of the corner of my eye I saw a twinkling something in the corner of my living room,.. I watch it , as it came towards me and somehow became this “bright glowing boy” right across from me! As I looked at him, all I could say was,… “ Oh my god! I see you! ,… He saw me too because he pointed at me, ,…I saw his lips moving,. But I couldn’t hear him,..then I think I blinked and he became the twinkle ball again and went right through the corner of the ceiling,…. as true as I sit here and write this,.. I promise this is true …. I wish I knew what he was saying to me….

  2. Jimmy Shade says:

    He was talking about your neat water bottles in the garden

  3. Launa B says:

    These light beings have been around for centuries, and I’m not sure why some of us see them, and others don’t.. I have seen them myself. Sometimes when they show up, their transition can make a loud noise. The one that showed up in my bedroom one night did so. It had no face but assumed the form of a male silhouette. Transparent, yet sparking and glowing with light, quite beautiful actually. I have also seen one in a human form, and the energy emitting from this being was so intense, I have nothing to compare it to, except maybe holding a live electrical wire. I knew what it was, masquerading as a human, and mentally I told him so, when he got up to walk away a tremendous light came out from his eyes, as he smiled and winked at me! I don’t BS, and only told a few close friends about my encounters, but it’s nice to know others see them as well. I’ve always known there are many more having these experiences, that is why I am making a documentary about them.

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