Creepy Navajo Rangers Cases That Will Keep You Awake All Night

Navajo Rangers are well trained officers of the law but no amount of training could prepare them for some of the strangest reports of the unusual paranormal suspects they were to come across, such as ghosts, Bigfoot and UFOs, and they have also investigated sightings of creatures of Navajo lore, such as Skinwalkers who are believed to be witches that have learned to shape shift into animals.

John Dover and Stan Milford have taken paranormal reports from Navajo people very seriously. Together they managed a section called the Special Projects Unit. This special unit not only dealt with the typical day to day law enforcement investigations, it also was tasked to manage those investigations and cases on the fringe of reality, those cases deemed “paranormal.” They have investigated some very interesting cases, and in a few cases found physical evidence to back up the paranormal claims.




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