Brave Hiker Gets Very Close To “Real Sasquatch”

A perplexing piece of footage circulating online purportedly shows the legendary Bigfoot lurking in a Michigan forest.

As is often the case with such videos, details surrounding the incident are scant and all that is known about the origin of the footage is that it was allegedly captured by hiker who subsequently submitted it to a paranormal YouTube channel.

Be that as it may, the scene is rather remarkable in that it appears to show a large, dark bipedal figure slowly walking among some trees.

What makes this somewhat unique among Bigfoot videos is that person behind the camera attempts to get a closer look at the creature by both zooming in on it and moving through the brush to a better location.

It is that latter tactic that has generated skepticism among some viewers in that it is hard to believe that Bigfoot would not react to the noise being made by the person in the distance.

Others who have watched the video are undeterred by that detail and contend that the creature in question truly is the famed Sasquatch.

Unfortunately with only the video to go by and no other details available regarding the sighting, the case is unlikely to go any further than simply being some intriguing footage open to interpretation.


Source: Daily Star

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