Odd ‘UFOs’ Amaze Newscasters in the Milwaukee Sky

A morning news team in Milwaukee were left almost speechless when a live shot of the city skyline showed a strange collection of odd flying objects.

The weird scene occurred on Tuesday morning before dawn as the anchors for WITI in Wisconsin were transitioning between segments and the program showed the usually-standard live look over the city.

However, in this particular instance, one of the newscasters noticed something amiss, asking “are those fireworks” as a series of anomalies swirled around in the sky.

The live broadcast then went silent as the anchors attempted to decipher what they were watching with the same newscaster wondering if they were seeing aliens.

“It’s getting weirder by the second,” exclaimed another anchor who asked aloud, “are we rolling on that?”

As one can imagine, the clip generated a considerable amount of interest among UFO enthusiasts both for the strange nature of the anomalies as well as the venue in which the video was filmed.

Fortunately, though, a subsequent investigation into the matter by the TV station turned up what appears to be the source for the ‘flying saucers.’

It appears that the objects were, in fact, just seagulls that appeared to be illuminated by light reflecting off of their white feathers.

While further video evidence suggests that the ‘bird theory’ is correct, the remarkable moment for the morning team is a good indication that, should an alien invasion ever actually occur, they’d be just as mystified as the rest of us.



Source: WITI Milwaukee

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