Surviving the Matrix

It’s an unfortunate side effect from technology and the information age, that we continue participating in distractions. While the information age can be used for the benefit of many virtues we seek, it’s also become a mechanism that quite literally modulates peoples feelings, responses and reality as a whole. Let’s look at radio. In 1938 Orsen Welles “The War of the Worlds”, a radio show that was perceived by many as actual events, which was basically a broadcast simulation based on a one hour drama series, that was broadcasted as just another dance music radio station, playing hit songs of that time, giving the impression people were simply listening to another music station, then all the sudden they get a network “Breaking News” special report that of explosions on mars can be seen by governments a cross the globe, adding unusual objects falling to the sky and landing in a farm in New Jersey, with Martians emerging from the objects and were using ray guns on the civilian population centers and all this other stuff. The illusion of realism was further enhanced by reports of a major alien invasion underway, causing listeners to absolutely panic. The unsuspecting audience did not realize this was a radio drama series. Tens of thousands freaked out. For all intent and purposes, this illusion was like a modern day “Blair Witch Project”. People packed up entire lives in minutes and fled to rural areas, setting up tents and huddled in cars trying to escape the alleged alien invasion.

What was learned by the network was the fact that radio could shape opinion, emotions and control reality. Radio quickly became a powerful tool for networks in not only promoting and propagating musical entertainment, but could also be used to shape hearts and minds. With no real way to fact check any perceived iterations of any news broadcast at that time, the propaganda machine was born. Corporations realized that Orsen Welles broadcast not only impacted reality of the common folk, but they could sell, promote, peddle anything to the masses, rather it be real news, fake news, attacks from mars, from commercial advertising to just listening to music. The radio was a beloved technology that ultimately turned into a control mechanism of advertising, news, and propaganda. Radio Talk Shows, jumped on the bandwagon and started to impact its listeners to a degree that it could be used both for the wholesome goodness of sharing of information, but also could be used for nefarious purposes.

Television comes on line and the radio routines became litmus tests for this new technology as well. As with radio, television can now captivate millions more people with Sci-Fi, Drama, Thrillers and a myriad of genre’s. Television brought the movie theater into the household along with news, sports, entertainment and basically taking radio to a whole new level of entertainment and emotional states. TV now controls a persons feelings, beliefs and again, reality. Back in the 1950’s, day time soap opera became a new trend that had tens of millions of house wives, women, daughters and females from all walks of life and all ages around the country, crying, weeping and emotionally distraught over there favorite soap opera, basically controlling there emotional states to the point of effecting every day life events. Not taking away from the emotions of heartbreaking television drama story’s that induce great sorrow and lots of crying, it’s not bad to cry over programming, it just shows how fictional TV can modulate and drive emotions to the point of pain and suffering as well as being used as a call to action for any scenario. Now we can laugh, cry, get angry and develop very stern opinions over basic television programming. The medium was so powerful at controlling hearts and minds that it had to be regulated (Smith Mundt Act) to prevent state run media delivering the narrative as it could literally shape a nations perception with just a single broadcast.

With the advent of the internet, we start the process all over again. When the internet began, like radio and TV, it was a wonderful new technology, promising a connectivity with the world, a sharing of information of learning and understanding, but that to ultimately became another platform to shape the hearts and minds and emotional states of the common people. Point being, it’s not that these mediums were created to shape opinion or created to cull a nation, it’s that, it to, has ultimately turned into such a platform for controlling the emotions of its subjects. WE don’t see it as control, but just as a reaction. Now lets shift gears and see how this medium creates the narrative. Looking back at every event that caused massive emotional outbreaks has been at a time of a major government scandal. When ever there is scandal and corruption that makes national news, a new event seems to magically pop up to re-direct the focus off the corruption scandal and on to some new tragedy. Think back, look at the history of the scandals in America and see how a new tragedy refocuses our attention away from said scandal(s).

Looking back at JFK, what was going on that preceeded that tragedy? What scandals where the alphabet government groups throwing at us during that time? If you look back at the fine print, we see that many indictments where being handed out that was going to close shop to a lot of corruption. Then Poof, like magic we have a national tragedy to focus on – with the corruption scandals being sidelined and ultimately forgotten. Likewise, look at every tragedy and what scandal was going on at that time? Oklahoma City? Ask yourself what scandal was going on when that event happened? What was the biggest money scandal of 2001? Was it 2.3 trillion in missing money? What shifted that scandal out of the limelight and ultimately forgotten? Looking further, what government scandal was going on during Sandy hook? Currently what scandals where going on when the convenience of Broward Country shooting happened? This article is not about politics or scandals, but what this article is about, is the control that television news and the internet has on the peoples emotions and reality. It seems to have a pattern that like radio and TV, the internet is now the battlegrounds of distraction and propaganda. There is always a scandal that gets distracted by another new tragedy. Is this a coincidence? Are we living in a Matrix? Listen to this amazing interview which is not about pointing fingers of right and wrong, but made to open up awareness and to understand the control that technology has put upon us and for what purposes.

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