When Alien Abductee Was a Guest on “To Tell the Truth”

In this remarkable segment from the stalwart CBS game show “To Tell the Truth” three men claim to be UFO abductee Barney Hill. One of the interesting things about the December 1966 broadcast is that the panelists are respectful about the topic, and there’s no “giggle factor” when it comes to the aliens and their examinations of Hill and his wife Betty. More on the video and the Hill case at Daily Grail.

One comment on “When Alien Abductee Was a Guest on “To Tell the Truth”

  1. SonicGlitchExe says:

    Interesting case. I believe it 100%.. There was a video on youtube, that was taken down 4 years ago. And old show from the 70’s.. I forgot the name / I’ll guess – “In Search Of”. Anyways, I viewed the video and the show was based around the, Betty & Barney hill story. The main focus speaker was a guy named : Carl Sagan.. I don’t know of this person.. Anyways in the video, Mr. Sagan shows the similarities of the star pattern in which these ETs were from. And this star pattern represents one of the Zodiac signs that Betty Hill drew. Since then the government changed the pattern so no one in ufology could find the true start pattern which these beings came from.
    Search this “Carl Sagan – ” The 3 Extraterrestrial Beacons” Betty & Barney Hill story Anyways he pointed it straight out where they came from and what Zodiac star pattern to focus on..

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