Hiker Vanishes at Dyatlov Pass

An area of Russia’s Ural Mountains that became infamous after a 1959 incident involving the mysterious death of nine hikers has seemingly claimed another victim.

A Russian tourist visiting the site, known as ‘Dyatlov Pass,’ reportedly went missing in the remote location sometime in February.

It was not until the end of the month, when Aleksandr Andreev was supposed to return from his solo expedition, that friends and family realized that something had gone awry.

A search and rescue mission was subsequently launched but it would appear that the endeavor failed to produce any answers as there are no reports from Russian media pertaining to Andreev being found.

Having now been gone since at least mid-February, the man’s chances of having survived this long in the harsh conditions of the Ural Mountains are either slim or outright nonexistent.

Eerily, Andreev is the third person to have either died or be presumed to have perished at Dyatlov Pass in the last two years.

And while these deaths were not as confounding as the still-unexplained event which killed the hiking party that lent its name to the area five decades ago, they collectively add a chilling coda to the story of Dyaltov Pass and suggest that those wishing to pursue answers at the site might wish to reconsider.

Source: RT

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