Australian Neighbors Feud Over ‘Death Ray’

A truly bizarre battle involving feuding neighbors and a homemade ‘death ray’ has erupted on a street in a suburb of Sydney.

A couple named Katye and Steven recently appeared on national television in Australia to reveal that their neighbor, Nathan, is seemingly targeted them with a rather unorthodox ‘weapon.’

According to the duo, their disgruntled neighbor has positioned a whopping nine mirrors on his property so that they send afternoon sunlight blasting into the living room of their home.

“It’s like the Star Wars movie, it’s a bleeding death ray,” declared Katye to the Australian TV show ‘A Current Affair.’

Making matters worse, she says, authorities have offered little recourse when it comes to extinguishing the annoying improvised spotlight.

“The police have basically just said keep your blinds closed and keep the kids out the back,” Katye lamented.

For his part, Nathan hasn’t offered any specific reason for why he assembled the ‘death ray,’ simply telling the TV show that his neighbors are “idiots.”

However, after the program aired on Australian television this week, things somehow took an even stranger turn.

It would seem that the Star Wars comparison from Katye inspired something in Nathan as he decided to don a Darth Vader costume and wielding a light saber!

Of all things, this was apparently a bridge too far for police as he was subsequently arrested for, presumably menacing his neighbors and he is banned from the street until a court date set for next month.

It remains to be seen whether or not the sun has set on this strange feud, but we’re guessing that Katye and Steven are hoping that is the case both figuratively and literally.

Source: nine.com.au



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