Positive Affirmations The Key To The Spiritual Life

What are some positive affirmations you use daily?

I do I Am That I Am yes like the flaming bush. lol I am a flaming bush. ha ha Some others I am the light of the sun. Or I pray please transform my fear based thoughts to something more positive. That one is a great one. I think the Universe is like a super computer and it reacts to things we do. I mean even Science says energy cannot die and carries on. So I do not understand how people believe in nothing when you die. But to each their own.

What are some affirmations or prayers you use daily? We discussed on our last show with Shane Sirois ghost hunter positive methods to elevate yourself to cause parasitical entities to flee. Thanks everyone who visits my FB page and to all The Church of Mabus radio show listeners and allies! Gratitude is also a way to bolster your vibration I think.

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