Alien Life Is Monitoring Humanity According To Newly Released NASA Footage

The second man to step on the moon Buzz Aldrin and other three astronauts reportedly passed a lie detector test over their claims of UFO being spotted on their way to the moon.

Aldrin together with Al Worden, Edgar Mitchell and Gordon Cooper reportedly took part of a particular study, which left the UFO enthusiasts and experts to be convinced that the signs of alien life were witnessed during the space mission of Apollo 11 on 1969.

It seemed the footage being posted online supported the claim.

The video shows what seems to be a UFO encounter on board a space shuttle mission, which claimed to have taken place in the same year. It reveals the moment when NASA’s mission control received a radio message from a concerned space explorer reporting the sighting.

Mario Runco Jn, who claimed to have taken the video, stated that they were observing the object for quite some time. Mario added that he saw another light passing above it, which he thought to be a star.

However, it appeared that the control team wasn’t interested in the report and even tried to change the subject.

The recording was taken during the 77th Space Shuttle mission of NASA known as STS-77.

The launched was at the year of 1969 from the launch pad 39B at Florida’s Kennedy Space Center and lasted ten days.

YouTube channel UFO Today then uploaded the video, which now has hundreds of views. They believe that NASA is trying to hide something to the public.



Source Latest UFO Sightings

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