David Biedny: Sympathy for the Devil – Biedny’s 1st Interview Since Quitting Paracast

This was one of our first radio shows with me and Guy Weddle. Guy Weddle is passed away now of course. I honestly can’t remember the year or date right now. lol Getting old brother trucker. Here is a comment from YouTube that I think sums up this show very well. Enjoy!

I was a fan of The Paracast when Biedny co-hosted. Glad you upped this as I’ve wanted to hear this interview since reading about its existence, & something of its contents, years ago. But by the time I looked for it online then, it seemed to have become unavailable as a podcast, & I think I read it had been taken down. For years, I was on G*ne St*inb*rg’s mailing list (as anyone who subscribed to the show, or signed up for the Forum was, apparently) & so received his endless entreaties to send him (personally) money. I ended up reading just one out of every five of his “urgent” emails out of curiosity re. his latest “money angle,” &, for a long while didn’t “unsubscribe” (not that I ever willingly subscribed to “G*ne’s Money Woes Newsletter” in the first place) mainly ’cause I was curious as to how long G*ne could possibly keep this nervy routine going. I concluded he intended to continue it forever, & unsubscribed. What a strange character. It must be a neurosis of sorts: beg-o-mania instead of kleptomania.
As Biedny says, it reflects badly on the show, & is one reason I rarely listen anymore or use the Forum. I’ve wondered what co-host Chris O’Brien thinks, & why he’s willing to associate himself with a show co-hosted by someone like G*ne. G*ne has a good radio voice, but he doesn’t come across as very bright, informed, or focused, & I agree his “jokes” are the worst. Although I felt Biedny, on The Paracast, was unfairly harsh on some people sometimes (e.g. when he spoke of Whitley Streiber once), I missed Biedny’s intelligence, probing nature, & perhaps especially hearing him speak of his own fascinating anomalous experiences. My fave Paracast shows were ones where David spoke of the massive UFO he (& many others) saw in Caracas, the apparation he & a friend encountered, his mediumship-like experiences, etc. Thank you upping this interview!

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