Deathbed Bigfoot Confession

A Portland, Oregon man held a secret for many years of an extraordinary encounter he had with bigfoot. He waited until the final moments of his life to share that secret with someone.

….”Nine sasquatches looked at me with disgusted looks!”…. This episode is a narration of the incredible accounts of Gary and the people close to him. The above statement were the exact words that Gary’s brother-n-law spoke of to his sister while on his deathbed…he had extraordinary encounter that no one could ever have imagined, and he kept this horrific encounter quiet until he felt that he had to tell someone before his passing.

Gary, a longtime outdoorsman from Portland, OR has had multiple experiences with BF’s, including a close friend, and his brother-n-law…. Gary shares his experiences, his friend’s encounter, and of his departed brother-n-law’s terrifying incident. Part II is the continuation narration of Gary’s terrifying encounters while hunting in the deep forest of Oregon, having two aggressive encounters all in the same outing! Cryptid Brothers Investigation of Oklahoma is a team of brothers and colleagues that are experienced in outdoor survival skills, firearms, and wildgame habitats.

We seek to help other Oklahoman’s that have witnessed and/or encountered a sasquatch or dogman-like creature, that they’re not alone. We travel, interview, and document from a scientific/biological investigative approach in order to understand the nature and characteristics of these elusive creatures roaming across Oklahoma and surrounding states.

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