Don Webb: Through Dark Angles: Works Inspired by H. P. Lovecraft

08 22 14

“The writers I most admire are those whose unique voice or imagination shines from the page — radiating that sense of personality, of idiosyncrasy, that lets you know the robots didn’t die-stamp this one. Don Webb is distinctly original, each of his stories a dark delight.” -Jeffrey Thomas, author of Punktown

“I’m often awestruck by Don’s literary flame. He is one of our darkest and most imaginative voices.” -Joseph S. Pulver, Sr., author of Blood Will Have Its Season

“Don Webb has long been one of my favourite writers of the dark. His stories gleam with devilish wit, creeping dread, and a deep knowledge of the Mysteries. Webb is a genre unto himself.” -Richard Gavin, author of At Fear’s Altar

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