Donations Are A Rarity These Days.. But Help Us Thrive

Donations are a rarity these days..

I have done this show for almost 8 years. I’ve heard promises of money and I’ve had other people make money off of on me while I’ve made none. If you are in the paranormal for money you are going to starve to death. The only times I have ever asked for money was for a computer and a car and a paranormal new site. The computer was bought and the site was built and well the car is still a work in progress. I work from home but still working on the car. We use to get donations a lot more frequently in the beginning but now it is a rarity that is for sure.

Yet there are other hosts that beg for money everyday via newsletters and they probably scrape up God knows what from fools. As for me I have always usually got by via the skin of my teeth in a world gone mad with selfishness. Donations are an incentive to keep me doing what I am doing. To show that listeners are still there and they donate because they know I make no money doing this. If you’d like to brighten my day you can donate to my Paypal at mabusincarnate@gmail.com We plan to put up a button at some point. Of course I’ve also had scum bags online find my gofundmes and call me a con man for having them. They say I should save Gofundme for cancer patients. Well I’m a cancer survivor so phuck you very much. Thanks for listening and your continued support. We have some of the greatest guests coming this Spring and Summer. I’ll be surprised if anyone donates. If you have a question email me at mabusincarnate@gmail.com I also have in 2020 a payment to make of 300 again for 3 years of website service. So this will probably help with that as well.

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