UFO Appears Inside Lightning Bolt?

An odd photo from Croatia appears to feature some kind of triangular object, which some suspect to be a UFO, inside of a lightning bolt.

The intriguing image was purportedly taken from a video and posted online, where it subsequently wound up on the popular and controversial UFO YouTube channel known as SecureTeam10.

As one can imagine, the striking shape of the anomaly contained within the lightning bolt has led many UFO enthusiasts to suggest that it is some kind of alien craft that is possibly being ‘powered up’ by the tremendous electricity.

Another theory proposed for what is happening in the photo is that the UFO has been struck by the lightning, although one would surmise that such an event would probably cause some kind of problems for the craft.

Skeptics, of course, will say that either the image shows an atmospheric anomaly of some kind or, more likely, is simply the product of digital editing, which seems reasonable considering its dubious chain of custody.

Source: Daily Star


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