KGRA Radio’s Race Hobbs Employs Child Predator Bill Forte

Race Hobbs of KGRA radio blocked Angelia Joiner because she was taking up for government assistance people. Well can u imagine the hatred towards people who receive welfare from this man? This man who knowingly said he hired a child raper named Bill Forte to KGRA. How dare he judge anyone! Right wing’s finest!

Race Hobbs aka KGRA employs a pedophile named Bill Forte who raped a 13 year old child. Hobbs wrote a letter attacking me saying he knew Hobbs was a predator when he hired him and he believes in 2nd chances. Lemme tell you about Race Hobbs KGRA radio. They had an ex of mine on who was a former patient of Budd Hopkins. With Steve Firmani and her and Hobbs and made fun of me living in a mobile home and said I was poor. They also said I say mean things to people. But Hobbs he just blocked someone because he got mad she was taking up for people on government help. Then Hobbs I found out has a Pedo named Bill Forte working for him. So you know terrible me. I just say mean things to people! But I don’t hate on the poor and I don’t hire child rapists! But you know I tell someone to suck a pusstoot outta my phart box. I got thru on KGRA once live and said something vulgar to Race and it shut the whole network down. I just say mean things but you will not find me supporting child predators like KGRA. So enjoy the show over there whilst a pedo is turning knobs. Thanks Jeffery Pritchett lets keep exposing these scum for what they are!

The Evidence! Race Hobbs admitting he hired him in a letter about me

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