Still Accepting Alms For The Poor.. Bring Out Your Dead! Thanks For Donating

Thanks to those who donated. Good people still out there. Good to know in this new weird America and world. We plan to get a donate button up sometime in the future. Donations have been a rarity until now. Not something that happens. I mean there have been whole years that have passed without one single donation.

Its also disheartening when you know guests see these emails and ignore you. Specially when you’ve helped their books so much. I mean even if you don’t wanna donate or can’t. A kind word goes a long way but what to expect in the new sleazy greasy America where the down trodden are considered dead beat fucks like Tom Burnette author of a bigfoot book called me. For asking for donations 4-5 times in the 20 plus years. It would be one thing if I were GS who asked for donations every single freaking day at Paracast. Who I’ve been told have so many ads it can’t even be listened to.

Brett Butler actress and comedian who thanked me for my Luminous light beings article. Got mad because I didn’t mask her email. Truth is I’ve seen out emails in mass so less of times that I never thought about it to be honest. Because I wasn’t familiar with the function that hid the emails which was just placing the names in CC I guess. When you are anxious and your guts are churning from anxiety you don’t think about things. I will consider it next time. But Brett could have said Jeffery I hope things get better for you I don’t have money right now and could you consider masking my email next time. Instead she was like take me off your list and with practical induced metaphors of cut me outta your life forever for making a mistake! She called the show the Church of whining men after I told her about the fable of the pusstoot. Her Church of Whining men remark is very rude to our female co host Wham. Nonetheless next time I will try to be more careful with the masking ability with emails. Brett can go track a giraffe phart.

Things are a little better but tight. Food is disgusting and just cheap junk u get for a dollar like pot pies or something. Not very good! But things did not go under thanks to help from many of you. I plan to shut up about donations for a while after this last email. I did the Thank you and threw in you can still donate if you like. I hope you will when you can and keep listening because the line up coming this Summer is filled with Norse and Native Shamanism and many other peculiar scenarios! Thanks for all your support and remember Paypal email is mabusincarnate@gmail.com if you’d like to send a donation. Thanks everyone. Very grateful. I am very tired from all this so resting and recuperating today before the show tonight. Take care. Jeffery Pritchett www.churchofmabusradio.com Email me at mabusincarnate@gmail.com if u have any questions.

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