Rey Hernandez: The Dr. Edgar Mitchell FREE Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial & Extraordinary Experiencers

Coming August 24th 8pm eastern


FREE was formally incorporated as a not for profit academic research institute on July 15, 2015 by various retired Ph.D. physicists, scientists and lay researchers to research “WHAT IS CONSCIOUSNESS” by undertaking cross comparative research on individuals who have had various types of contact with non-human intelligence via diverse paranormal “Contact Modalities”.  The majority of our FREE Board of Directors hypothesize that all of these “Contact Modalities” are interconnected through what is commonly called “CONSCIOUSNESS” and that advanced physics, in particular, the Quantum Hologram Theory of Physics and Consciousness, as developed by Dr. Edgar Mitchell (Video One) and (Video Two) and Dr. Rudy Schild (Video), can possibly describe how all of these diverse paranormal “Contact Modalities” are interrelated.

New Book Being Created

“BEYOND UFOS: THE SCIENCE OF CONSCIOUSNESS AND CONTACT WITH NON HUMAN INTELLIGENCE”. After 4 years of conducting the world’s first comprehensive multi-language and international academic research study on UFO related Contact with Non Human Intelligence (NHI), The FREE Foundation will finally be publishing its historic new book in April of 2018.

The Dr. Edgar Mitchell FREE Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial and Extraordinary Experiencers, or FREE, a 501c3 academic research foundation, comprised of 11 Ph.D. physicists, scientists, neuroscientists and lay researchers, will be publishing a book analyzing the data of our FREE Experiencer Research Study.

We will have more than 21 authors writing 22 chapters on the historic findings which totally contradict much of what is circulating in the field of Ufology. This book will soon be the authority for UFO related contact with NHI. This historic research will establish a new paradigm for viewing the phenomena of UFO Contact with NHI, not by associating it with UFOs, but by associating it via Consciousness and the Contact Modalities (contact via UFOs, NDEs, OBEs, Spirits/Ghosts, Channeling, Remote Viewing, Orbs, Hallucinogenic Journeys, ESP, Telepathic Communications, etc).

FREE hypothesizes that all “Paranormal” Contact with NHI is interrelated and might be one phenomenon instead of separate phenomena and that advanced theories of “Consciousness” can begin to reveal this relationship.

FREE also believes that cross comparative research on the “Experiencers” of the Contact Modalities is the key to understand the mystery of what is Consciousness– what is the true nature of our reality. Please read the attached Book Description and the famous authors that will be discussing our FREE data and writing groundbreaking articles on our FREE Experiencer Research Study.


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