Black Goo Left By An Ancient Race Can Take Over Your Mind

Black Goo, its been seen in the X-Files, and Prometheus films and TV series. But no one has come forward about when and how it was first “discovered” until now.

Black Goo at this point to Alec Newald, a New Zealand engineer who has been allegedly abducted in 1989 by the Blue Anians. Newald claims to have learned from his captors that the Black Goo was once left behind by a malevolent ET group on Earth. The substance should allow them to be able to terraform the planet Earth at your fingertips; as a trigger should serve a transmitted signal from space.

In the event that the “evil ETs” were marketed by a different race from the earth, it could make the planet by the terraforming process for the potential conquerors uninhabitable. According Newald have the blue ETs the Black Goo understood as planetary threat and tried to make it “to render harmless” – Newald speaks of de-engineering. The Falkland region they would have chosen for their experiments because the substance is handled better in cold temperatures and would replicate explosively in a warmer environment.


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