Church Of Mabus Sponsor Promo & Contributions To Keep Free Radio Victorious

We are always looking for sponsors here at The Church of Mabus radio show. Most of the time I get free books for helping promote. Sometimes free stuff like boxes of meat or alien statues or t-shirts or something. But almost never deniros. We are on FM in many locations.

If you have any business products you’d like to have us sponsor in exchange for service. Let me know at email Mabusincarnate@gmail.com You can also donate to that Paypal email. When you do a show free for all your life its good to have perks sometimes. I’m not wealthy I get by via the skin of my teeth. Looking for sponsors and other opportunities for 2nd streams of revenue.

Thanks for listening and most of all thanks for your support. Also if you are a possible future guest you know where to find me aka at my email. =) Thanks.

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