Jen Devillier: Dark Night Haunting: The Life Of A Paranormal Investigator

Coming June 22nd 8pm eastern


This is a book about one woman’s life and her experiences with the paranormal that led her to become a Paranormal Investigator. From beginning to end Jennifer Devillier’s story is one that will explain just how normal someone with Psychic Abilities can be. If you have ever had experiences of your own that you could not explain or felt out of place because no one believed you, this book will let you know that you are not at all alone. Join Jennifer on her journey and see how one woman’s life takes it’s unexpected twists and turns with all the paranormal experiences that come along with it. Remember, we are NEVER alone.

My name is Jen Devillier. I am a Published Author, Psychic Medium, Spiritual Guide, and Lecturer. I have a lifetime of experience with the “Paranormal”. When I was 8 years old, I had my first experience with a “Shadow Figure”. Since then my life has been very full of developing abilities, helping those in need (both dead and alive). My life is to help educate and guide people to be the spiritual beings they were meant to be. My book “Dark Night Haunting” is my Paranormal Auto Biography that I have written to reach out to others that are like me and can relate. This was meant to help open people’s eyes and help them better understand that the kind of life I lead as many others do, is not only normal but becoming more widely appreciated. There are many folks that are becoming more aware and awake to their own abilities within. This book was intended to help people realize they are more normal than they realize and that we are no longer the minority. The book also goes into my investigative experience. Aside from my past experience, I am currently working to investigate many other places as well as stepping into the wonderful and fascinating world of Cryptozoology with some tremendous names in the field. The broader my experience with all aspects of the Paranormal, the better! Aside from my published book, I am also a writer for a new Online Paranormal Investigator Magazine created by Christopher Moon, a very dear friend of mine. I also write a blog that I try to keep geared toward the paranormal as many seek my thoughts and advice on the topics I have approached. My list grows as people have more questions. As if all of this was not enough, I also do Tarot/Angel Psychic Guidance Readings as well as Manufacture Blessed Hand Crafted Ouija Boards.

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