Laird Scranton You Have Become What You Are Against In Your Madness

Laird Scranton You Have Become What You Are Against In Your Madness

Author Laird Scranton blocked me for sharing a meme about Clinton and the Gonzalez boy. Now if you’ve saw the meme it was just calling up Clinton’s behavior and Dems behavior during the time. Of course for sharing it I got called a Nazi by someone and Laird worked me in as being a right wing extremist. Which is absolutely insane for anyone who knows me. So I called Laird and cussed him out on the phone and hung up on him. Last words were You’re a Pusstoot who has to much time on your hands. I saw Dems saying Dems made mistakes on the original memes comments and then condemned Trump as well. They probably shared the meme does that make them Nazis as well? If Dems cannot take scrutiny in their own party. I forecast Trumplegooch the Auntie Christ for 4 more years. Laird’s show for July is canceled. I also screamed at him Show Canceled! LOL

I’m an independent and it is the best thing for me. Both sides make me wanna vomit sometimes. I also think kids being separated at the border from their parents is evil on many levels. So Laird good job becoming what you say you are against. All I did was share facts that Democrats did indeed cheer for Clinton during that time for the Gonzalez boy. Janet Reno and Clinton are Democrats dumb ass. This was more about protecting Laird’s favorite sports team and his ego.

I was also attacked several months ago by Laird Scranton and his son Isaac for sharing WW2 articles on my wall. Said I was perpetuating Nazism. We made up that time but this time they can go pucker a gooch! I have seen leftist insanity and sometimes its just as nutter butter as rightist insanity. Independent is what is correct for me! They claim they are vigilant against Nazis because of Jewish family in camps back in the day. Well you seem like to me you have become what you say you are against.

PS This goes out to about 300000 people enjoy.


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