Coyote’s Fire: Changes Changes Changes

I am moving soon. Time to pack up to another reality. The money I spend up keeping this place I live at now will be used for an RV. Then I’m hitting the long windy trails of our new John Carpenter horror movie USA. I have been in this location 10 years almost. Or damn near close. Leaving it behind.

I have been doing this show for 8 long years. So much knowledge and time spent. A hobby that got bigger than I presumed it would. We have a great line up planned this year that is very unique as always. From Aliens to the Norse to more Shamanism and a whole lot more paranormal. One thing I do is keep it real when it comes to unique shows. That is what we are known for. One thing I also do is make each show about the guest and not about me like most other hosts on radio shows.

Truth is I’m tired of this world and a good bit of the people in it. From the heartbreaks to the betrayals to the selfish who use us up in parasitical ways. I will try to do the show as long as I live. Because truth is it helps me to escape from the mundane reality that is this world. It is a projection device to launch me and you to the source of the cosmos to gather fire from the Sun and to return to Earth. Like the infamous Coyote trickster. Where I am going will be a little weird at first but as money saves from not wasting it here I will get my RV and say phuck you to the world Mad Max style on the road. I will be free from the confines of this slave reality of bill paying for once. Well a little bit more anyway. This reality is set up to keep us enslaved. I’ll still have a few bills but not as much as I did have.

We are still looking for sponsors since one dropped recently because well they had some hardships. We are still taking donations. Yes you can donate to a guy that has done a radio show free for 8 years of life for you. And for all those that have donated before. Thank you and thank you for listening and for your support and kind words and letters and support. Paypal is Mabusincarnate@gmail.com When you throw coinage at the freak show you help the freak show’s morale. Remember that. Take care everyone. Keep on trucking mother truckers!


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