Prayer To The Cosmic Forces

A personal story and a personal spell..

Once I was very ill and laid on my death bed when I was young. A woman sent me information about a prayer to The Cosmic Forces. I used this prayer and later down my long road I was healed. Years passed and I lost the piece of paper detailing this prayer regarding the instructions to use this life changing prayer. But I always remembered them in my memory and heart and most of all my soul. I have witnessed many miracles from using them through out the years of my life. From increasing adoptions regarding kittens at a pet store. To many other positive things that I have asked in regard to healing and much more. For many years I searched for the source online regarding where this prayer came from. I found the book and it was very expensive after much searching. I could not afford it but kept looking and then low and behold I found it for Seventy five cents. I quickly ordered it and added it to my collection of magnificent books I collect. Now I would like to share it with all of you. Please use it for positivity and doing good only or it’s effects will come back to you if used for negativity. I have been guided to share this prayer with all of you now. Use it wisely and do good in the world with it. It can bring healing and positive things to your life like you have never seen. Specially if you are in a rut that needs smoothing out. This is a very powerful technique found in David St. Claire’s Lessons in Instant ESP book. Two psychics 4000 miles apart presented this to him in two different languages. Portugese in Brazil and American English in LA. He said they gave him this secret and said it was time to pass it on to anyone who would take it up. It’s a good way to start the day with a wake up ritual, but can be used any time.

Stand balanced on both feet and with hands at sides, not touching the body. Breathe in deeply while repeating and visualizing the following phrase:

I Bring in the Cosmic Forces for strength, protection, and guidance.

Do this three times, inhaling as you bring in the Cosmic Forces, and exhaling after you have repeated the phrase. You may visualize the Cosmic Forces in any way you feel is right for you, as God, as a higher intelligence, as a heavenly force.

Pay special attention to each of the words and what they mean to you on any particular day. Strength, Protection, Guidance.

Now ask The Cosmic Forces for what it is you need help with in the form of I ask you for _____________.

Once you are done you must cross your arms like that of an ancient mummy in the form of an X over your chest and then say Thank you three times then sit down. This is very powerful I hope you will let us know of any results you have from this by sharing them in comments.

Any time you need special help, you can call on the Cosmic Forces. Enjoy and know The Cosmic Forces rejoice that there knowledge has once again been shared to the people of the Earth.



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