SOS Church Of Mabus Blues SOS

We missed last Friday’s show because of the internet outage and some other issues. Then before that the week before the Vlad show got screwed up which about made me wanna murder the world. Network owner has had medical situations so not much can be done. Things are suppose to be better this coming week. The Jen D show survived and is a good one.

I am in the process of moving. I will have broadband so should be able to do more recording myself in the future if need be. It has been one chaotic summer and let us hope we all make it thru it and survive at this rate. Stay tuned hopefully everything should be back on schedule starting next Friday 8pm eastern. I’ve been thru blues before its nothing new. But where I am going I will have more money and have access to many more social functions to infiltrate in the name of Mabus. Boo! If you’d like to donate anything helps right now til I get settled. mabusincarnate@gmail.com paypal email

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