Suicidal Tendencies

I shared this on Facebook and thought I’d share it here as well..

Committing suicide has different levels my warped mind considers it courageous. I see how it can be selfish as well with leaving children behind etc. I mean that is a big leap my concern is if you do it you sure as hell are coming back and it might be worse next time. At 17 when I went thru chemo I held a gun to my head and said screw this. I just lost a nut and my hair. But I heard that Nirvana song Lithium and something wouldn’t let me pull the trigger.

I wrote Kurt and thanked him for his song and then later he shot himself. LOL I thought his song eat your cancer when you turn black was about me. I’m sure it wasn’t. ha ha If you need to talk and feel suicidal drop me an inbox. Your friendly paranormal radio show host Spiderman. All my friends are in my head I found God on Sunday morning. Email mabusincarnate@gmail.com


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