Dan Cziraky: The Phantom of the Movies’ VideoScope

Coming August 3rd 8pm eastern

Dan Cziraky was born and raised in New Jersey. From an extremely early age, he was fascinated with monsters and horror films. He visited the grindhouses of New York’s 42nd Street, as well as the the drive-in theaters of New Jersey. In 1985, he became the only editor of a NJ newspaper to run the hilarious and often controversial “Joe Bob Goes to the Drive-In” column by Joe Bob Briggs. His life-long interest in horror, sci-fi, and fantasy has seen his articles published in over a dozen different publications. His Hungarian genealogy traces back to both Countess Elizabeth Bathory (a.k.a. The Blood Countess) and Vlad Dracula. He currently lives in North Carolina.

Joe Kane has been a genre-film name you can trust since 1972, when he joined the original editorial staff of the pioneering terror tabloid The Monster Times. In 1984, he adopted the even more trustworthy persona of The Phantom of the Movies®, covering the genre-movie and video beat for The New York Daily News, a tradition that continues to this day, and authoring two essential tomes, The Phantom’s Ultimate Video Guide (Dell) and The Phantom of the Movies’ VideoScope: The Ultimate Guide to the Latest, Greatest, and Weirdest Genre Videos (Three Rivers Press/Random House).

In 1993, the Phantom begat The Phantom of the Movies’® VideoScope®, the Ultimate Genre DVD Guide, which began life as a newsletter but soon morphed into a nationally distributed magazine, a one-stop source for the latest in genre home entertainment coverage. Each issue of VideoScope magazine includes over 100 new DVD reviews covering the entire genre spectrum: Horror, Sci-Fi, Action, Asian, Cult, Camp, Classic, Animation, Thrillers, Indies, Film Noirs, Art-House, Verite, Vintage, Tele-Video, Exploitation and more, written by experts in their fields. VideoScope magazine has published candid exclusive interviews with genre celebs from “A” (Dario Argento) to “Z” (Rob Zombie), along with Linda Blair, Jackie Chan, Wes Craven, Willem Dafoe, Guillermo del Toro, Lance Henriksen, Walter Hill, Julie Newmar, John Waters and literally scores more. In the magazine and on the site, you’ll discover behind-the-scenes features, info on DVD debuts, the scoop on locating hard-to-find titles, and all the usual much, much more-told the untamed way!


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