Into The Unknown Interview With Jeffery Pritchett via Cypher777

Old interview I dug up with Insomniac Magazine via Cypher777

1. Please state your name, and what you’re involved in?

Jeffery Pritchett, host of The Church of Mabus UFO Paranormal Radio Show with Guy Weddle. We interview guests who are authors and speakers and experts about the paranormal and UFOs. Many times we also touch on the spiritual and occult, as well as Cryptids. We are on FM radio and also internet based and worldwide. I feel I am a messenger who’s raising awareness about these topics and especially the topics of UFOs and other life in the Universe at this time. Also, to overcome lies and deception via cover ups handed down by government institutions for decades.

2. What drew you into this field and how long have you been actively involved?

I’ve been involved in this field for over 10 years and counting. I’ve run the website MabusIncarnate.com for 10 years in many forms and incarnations. It’s a forum discussion board that centers on gathering news and reports of phenomenon from our members and visitors be it ghost, UFO or other strange occurrences. I’m also a cancer survivor and have been for over 15 Years; perfect health since my healing by the Universe and Science. During chemo I was visited by a medicine man aka shaman who did a ritual over me to help my healing. Things were never quite the same after that. My father passed away shortly after I was healed and I went crazy on some level and started studying the Occult like Dr. Frankenstein, to find answers regarding the reason for our existence. I believe during that time I opened up doorways to the other side and a universal force showed me around a bit. During this time I had mass UFO sightings over my home in Georgia and saw many beings that were obviously multidimensional in nature. This set me on a path to find out more and years later I started the radio show “The Church of Mabus” and started interviewing huge personalities in the field to find out answers.

3.    What genre or genres of music do you listen to?

Right now I’m listening to Crystal Method while I do this interview. My musical tastes vary. One day I could be blasting Marilyn Manson and the next listening to R. Carlos Nakai- Native American instrumental music to chill out to. It ranges from Tool to Rob Zombie to Nine Inch Nails. Lately I’ve been listening to Astral Projection a lot. I really dig that outer space electronic vibe a whole lot and if there is darker electronic music out there lead me to it because I love it. Also, anything futuristic or in the horror, sci-fi or fantasy genres I will certainly tune into. I love Nox Arcana and Midnight Syndicate and stuff like that as well. Hell, yesterday I was dancing around to Pharrel doing the Despicable Me soundtrack theme song and then brushed it off with some Digable Planets and GraveDiggaz; the weirder the better. Like the Norse Viking Warriors of old say, “Follow your weird!” and like I say “cause you never know where it might take you!” I like Type O Negative and was really displeased to hear Peter Steele died.

4.   Who were your artistic/musical influences growing up if any?

When I was younger I use to like listen to Michael Jackson, Madonna and Queen a lot. Like in junior high, I went through a rap phase of like NWA, 2 Short, RUN DMC and like the Beastie Boys. Then I hit Metal fast and hard with stuff like Guns and Roses, Motley Crue, Skid Row and Ozzy Osbourne. In high school the grunge scene hit and I got into Nirvana obsessively and Alice in Chains; I was there right from the beginning with Nine Inch Nails-Pretty Hate Machine. I have a tendency to like bands who have lead singers who OD or kill themselves for some reason. For instance when I was going through chemo I was going to shoot myself. I was 17 and said, “F this” pretty much with hair falling out and spitting up goo. So got my dad’s bulldog 44 stainless steel magnum and was going to just shoot myself in the head. Then Nirvana’s “Lithium” came on and it kept me from pulling the trigger. You know the song that says, “I found God in my head and all my friends. I’m so ugly. I’ll shave my head.”  I shaved my head and didn’t kill myself. I later wrote Nirvana like a fan boy freako and told them their song saved my life, and later I heard the song “Heart Shaped Box” where it goes “I’ll eat your cancer when you turn black” and thought they were singing about me. Ha. Probably weren’t. Then later Kurt shot himself. So go figure.

5.  Do you have a music background?

I’ve done vocals before for an album I put out on my own called “God’s Little Monsters: Ufology.” A lot of people are into UFOs professionally and bands on Facebook are doing really strange alien space music. It was a whole lot of fun to have all these folks jamming to outer space so to speak and the UFO agenda. I did a Jim Morrison poetry type called “The Shaman Laughs” and also a strange Roger Waters type called “Hey Mr. President.” My first time singing was a lot of fun to do and I do plan one year to do a follow up called “Occult.”

6.   What are people’s reactions when they find out what you’re involved in?

A lot of people are very excited about it. If their Christian or religious they tend to be afraid of it. I usually avoid those individuals. There are a lot of them down south, so some days can feel like “Night of the Living Dead,” especially on the internet when you run across packs of them. I tend to keep it on the low down for the most part. Like all of these Baptists that live around me and have no idea that I broadcast out of my home to like over 100,000 people or more and talk about the occult and aliens and bizarre ghost stories. I love to get into dark occult topics like Aleister Crowley and Enochian Magic and just pure absolute bizarre topics. Its funny because most of them would probably throw a ruckus if they knew. But they don’t. The pleasure of living in the country is anonymity. But honestly, most people find it fascinating and usually have a ghost story to share or UFO sighting that has happened to them personally. You can get some real gems running across people who share their experiences. They are usually rather happy and they openly state that it is good to have someone to talk to about it.

7.   What image do you think your field conveys to the masses?

That the time is here to evolve when it comes to the human species. That we are being lied to and that other life does exist in our Universe. Other life exists here with us on the Earth right alongside us too, multi dimensionally. God is an alien being and that these beings thousands of years older than us or millions even, helped to create us on some level or intervened to mutate us on some level to new heights. Some believe Adam and Eve were colonists dropped off on planet Earth to colonize and didn’t come from amoebas. I do believe we came from monkeys on some level and some where advanced beings intervened and jacked us up DNA wise. Our entire creation, religions and belief systems revolve around these beings and UFOs. You can find the connection in the Bible and in every ancient culture known to man from, the Sumerians to the Babylonians to the Native Americans in our own country. Also, from hieroglyphics on cave walls to ancient manuscripts of ancient man communicating with these beings from the stars. The Native Americans call them the Star people and they are considered their brothers and sisters and part of all creation and part of all that is. The truth is we are all ONE. All heads on the same body and that would mean we are all alien on some level and are connected to these beings. We are Universal beings and have the power to transcend the limits of religious dogma and to bring our planet to the state of being a galactic civilization if we can overcome the madness of this time that approaches. I do believe 2012 the supposed end of the Mayan Calendar is a huge transition point for us of evolution spiritually. Not necessarily the end of us but certainly a time of purification of getting right with the spiritual side of things.

8.   What’s your outlook on the music industry today?

I really don’t like the way Metal is treated these days. Like it’s Satan’s fetus. I think MTV sucks now for the most part. It needs a huge Metal enema. I like unique music. I think every genre of music has unique music. Unfortunately I think many bands sound the same and do not have a unique voice. Speaking of unique voice Serj Tankian who does solo projects now, who use to sing for System of a Down, has a beautiful voice and I love his music very much. I think Metal gets the shaft too much in the music scene and, some particular artists in HIP HOP and Country make me want to throw up. It’s just outrageously nauseating. I think Electronic music deserves more of an audience and I do enjoy New Age; they get the shaft a lot as well. I love Celtic and Native American music and just bizarre music you can meditate to or write to; that makes your soul dance and stimulates your brain.

9. What inspires you to do what you do?

So many people have strange experiences and get laughed and ridiculed by society or they’re called crazy. When News people talk about UFOs or the Paranormal they laugh with snide smiles. Like it’s all just whacko. Well the jokes on them. I’m here to wake people up that there is so much more to life than the boxes we live in or the prisons we live in, enslaved by dead crumpled trees. Candy coated with bills that steal all our time and rob our souls blind leaving us drained and dead like zombies. I’m just shooting one more fiery catapult at the wall in hopes that it all comes tumbling down like Humpty Dumpty and it will. Take a walk on the wild side with me. Go to YouTube and type in CNN UFOs or FOX UFOs. Tons of stuff will come up. It’ll freak you out and make you feel like you’re in that movie Signs with Mel Gibson for a minute or the Twilight Zone. We live in really strange times and in our life time the UFO topic will only get bigger and badder. Recently a UFO Press Conference with our Military was on CNN. The Vatican said we should love our space brothers and sisters and that they would love to convert aliens to Jesus Christ; which was spooky. But they said it. I think they screwed that up with the Natives long ago. This is the hot topic of our times; Ufology. Embrace it or run from it. It’ll slap you on the ass later that I promise you.

10. What project or projects have you worked or are currently working on?

Lately, I’ve been working on my book. Mostly I’ve been scheduling for the show which can occupy a lot of time, also having to get new staff for my website at MabusIncarnate.com; if anyone is interested contact me at Ufofiend@hotmail.com. We need a new website tech and have many other positions open. I’m also an online college student getting my Bachelor’s in Communications Science. This would make me much more dangerous for radio. I’m already considered a shock jock so that might be complete chaos when you throw knowledge in there as well.

11. If you had an opportunity to collaborate with ANYONE in your field (dead or alive), who would you choose? And why?

I’ve always said I’d like to get Stanton Friedman, Nick Pope, and Joe Montaldo & Many other cutting edge personalities in the UFO/Paranormal scene in a room and get them all to take peyote and see what comes up. I feel the spiritual is missing from the field on many levels and the Shaman’s perspective could spice things up a little bit. All very smart gentleman but would like to take a trip with a lot of these guys and gals and see what happens. A vision quest so to speak.

12. Please tell us your craziest experience dealing with the paranormal/ufology?

Halloween night many moons ago I was dabbling with the occult heavily. I saw beings that were very reptilian like in nature. Almost like snake people so to speak. They reminded me of some of the pictures from the Mayans of their gods and goddesses. Just beautiful yet strange all at the same time. Hard to describe them, it was just so weird and they were definitely multidimensional. I was partying hard that night and playing with the Necronomicon: The Book of the Dead like a fool in my younger years. I heard beautiful music and saw odd strange lights dancing in the trees. These beings told me they loved me and told me to write and sing and to create. I liken it to a Shaman having a divine experience with the creator so to speak. I feel they changed something inside of me and in my DNA and well things have never been the same. What a strange long trip it has been and it isn’t over with yet. Really it is just only beginning for us all and it never ends because we are all infinite spiritual beings.




Source Insomniac Magazine

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