Emergency Broadcast! Contributions Keep The Show Going Literally..

This is an emergency broadcast of The Church Of Mabus radio show..

I am in the process of moving to another location. I will be glad to be leaving this area and going to another. The area I am going to will have quite the shock to know we are broadcasting from there via broadband. The problem is getting out of here before the due date to leave. Meaning having to pay for Uhaul and pay for bills here like electricity and internet whilst departing at the same time. So far just moving a little at a time because there is a lot of collectibles and books and media items. Basically the show continuing depends on me getting out of here in time with all my stuff. A very apocalyptic Summer of Ragnarok. Also blocked on FB for 30 days but coming back soon. Watch your friend’s list and remember snitches get stitches. There are people who will report you just because you don’t kiss their ass via their own beliefs etc. Same people who like to hang unto my every word like stalker twunts. ha ha To the point. Any donations now will help for the Uhaul situation and essentially you are helping the show survive. Because I am going to need deniros to start up the broadband as well once I get to said location. Time is limited. Drop a donation via Paypal mabusincarnate@gmail.com and you can also contact me at the same email. Any amount helps. Once I am at this location I will have more money hopefully because this place was a bill sucking nightmare. Thanks. Jeffery Pritchett

PS Asking for donations sucks but I’ve been doing this for free for almost 9 years. So phuck it right? As for my enemies.. You’ll have to do better than that pusstoots.


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