Facebook Has Gone Nutter Butter – My False Imprisonment

I was blocked for 30 days on Facebook not to long ago for sharing a meme of white spree killers in the USA saying we have a problem with White folk just as much as any other folk when it comes to crime in America. I am a white guy talking shit about his own white race and got 30 days from Facebook. lol

I also know someone who got 30 days for sharing a youtube video of Type O Negative singing Kill The White People. So you tell me has Facebook gone nutter butter? Now get this the meme I posted was under a newsweek article basically titled the same thing.

Facebook has lost stock recently from pissing off people. I think it’s good to see them hurting a little with the way they treat people. Nonetheless I will back on my account tomorrow freed from Zuckerphucker Shawshank! Other than this life is grand. Kiss. ha ha ha Also some new deals in the work!

PS You will never defeat a Capricorn. We own the mountain as we gaze from the top of it in all our goatman beauty!

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