‘Merikan Dad

A rant from FB I decided to share here..

I had cancer and had a nut ripped from my body and went thru chemo at 17. My father’s job Kawneer with Aetna Insurance told him he was costing the company to much money and he should let me die. One of his supervisors told him that. My father had a heart attack and then another and knew he was dying so went to work with a car full of defense items and was gonna eject his selfish bosses.. he died before he got there. I was 18 and just went thru chemo. That is Merika. It’s dying from selfishness and corrupt politicians and dumb asses that don’t vote at all. I’ll rejoice when I finally eject out of this motherphucker. Ill be joining you dad but I guess I’ll skip the Blaze of Glory ejection you tried..not because they didnt deserve it.. But because I don’t wanna phuck up my soul and have to come to this shithole world filled with rat baby lips shitbirds.

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