Interview with Walter Bowart – Valiant Thor – 1995

Interview with Walter Bowart – Valiant Thor – 1995

It is our pleasure to speak with the author of the first book ever on CIA mind control, Walter Bowart. Walter, how are you doing today?

Walter Bowart: I’m doing great.

Obviously, the place to start is the subject of mind control and manipulation.

Well, the new area of research is called the “cordless mind control area” – the kind of broadcasting of technology that puts a human voice inside a person’s mind, in teams, twenty-four hours a day. My Freedom of Thought Foundation is building a network of scientists to try and come up with ways to discern between people who are mind-controlled and people who are paranoid-schizophrenics. Because traditionally, if you had a voice inside your head, you were diagnosed as paranoid-schizophrenic. And that was it. But we have found that a lot of the mind-control victims hearing voices are not paranoid-schizophrenic.

In our experience, the therapists, social workers, and psychologists have the best handle on this, because they really treat people hands-on. The ones that seem to know the least about this mind-control stuff are the psychiatrists. They are twenty years behind the times. I mean, the idea of Freudian analysis is still going on, and it is pathetic to think that people will pay lots of money for it.

And put in many years – even decades.

All talking about your problems does is reinforce your problem. They are working with outdated technology and ideas. We have a False-Memory “Spindrome” Foundation. I call it “spindrome” because it’s not a syndrome. The concept of this group is that false memories can exist in your mind. You remember untrue things.

Now, this is not established very well in law, because false memories can be implanted. Also, people are inept at hypnosis, so that they will pollute others, intentionally or unintentionally, with false memories.

However, the board of this organization is made up of a lot of CIA people, CIA contract “psychiatrists,” pedophiles, child molesters, and others who are pro-pedophilia. They are trying to defend pedophilia. And it is a very litigious, aggressive organization that has struck terror in the hearts of the psychiatric, psychological, and therapeutic communities.

Can we relate this to things like the Presidio and McMartin cases? There, the False Memory Foundation claims that the children’s memories of being molested were implanted by the therapists working with them, and that no harm was done.

Yes, that’s what they claim, but I don’t think that had any bearing on the cases and the outcome. I think that the withholding of evidence had more to do with it. Evidence was found later, showing that what the children had said was true – the discovery of the tunnels and whatnot. The bottom line is that they were acquitted, and they used that to give the False Memory Syndrome Foundation (FMSF) more ammunition.

What concerns me though are people like Dr. Colin Ross, a leading psychiatrist who is supposed to understand Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD), and who says he understands the degree to which the intelligence community has influenced and created that disorder. Yet, he has joined the False Memory Syndrome Foundation and is trying, or at least pretending, to be an apologist to bring unity between this group and others. If he is a turncoat whose intention is to subvert the FMSF, he is grossly outnumbered. I think it may hurt his practice in the end. I don’t think that the MPD survivors are going to trust him anymore.

I guess we could say some people are working both sides of the fence. We also have an organization by the name of the Cult Awareness Network that works the other side of the street.

Yes, and one of the things they have in common is that both of them are targeting psychologists and therapists. They are vulnerable to intimidation, litigation, and threat. And right now, in the summer of 1995, there is a climate of panic in the community. People are running scared. They are afraid to take clients. And, of course, you are dealing with Multiple Personality Disorder, a lot of which is government-induced or manipulated through intelligence operatives. Ross told me that 20% of his patients, he thinks, were caused directly by the government. Another prominent psychologist told me that 40% of his patients are under government mind control, via MPD.

As I understand this, this kind of breakdown of the personality is trauma-based. To disassociate is a survival tool, so the victims break down into various fragments, personality-wise, to survive the pain of what they’ve experienced. It’s an artificial form of a natural process.

Yes, it does happen naturally, but it is rare, because you have to have a certain imagination and intelligence level. Multiple personality people are extremely brilliant and gifted in many ways. As far as MPD goes, which comes first: the chicken or the egg? But then after you’ve developed this Dissociative Development Disorder (DPD), as it is now called, you develop incredible extrasensory perception and various other gifts.

Time and time again, when interviewing these people, you hear them talk about the U.S. clandestine intelligence interest in this stuff – ESP, remote viewing, etc, so that our agencies can locate submarines underwater, objects hidden by foreign powers and so forth, at a distance.

I like your term “cryptocratic” to describe some of these official activities. My daughters, Aurora and Bora, now call me “cryptocratic” if I refuse to tell them something – like whether or not I smoked pot when I was younger.

“Cryptocracy” is not in the dictionary, but all it means is “secret government.” The cryptocracy plays against democracy. Alan Scheflin starts out his mind control slideshow with a picture of a skull with a hole in the middle of the head. And he says, “This is the first attempt at mind control.” It starts with water torture and various things that they were experimenting with – all kinds of shock treatments, even before alternating current was discovered. He’s got vivid slides of the straightjackets and other medieval-style devices.

We should mention that much of this work was done on female subjects. It’s important to note, because females were much easier to restrain and put away into institutions. And there was always a lot of cash to be made, because women could not inherit in England or in France until the laws were liberated. Napoleon liberated the females so that they could inherit. The point is that women and children were not only operated on physically to deform them, but they were also put into institutions and experimented on. They really were the first mind control victims.

Thank God some things have changed in our society. Did you know that much of the military experimentation was done on the children of the doctors themselves? They used their own offspring to do these horrible things. On the first pages of Operation Mind Control it says, under a photograph, “Operation Mind Control is largely a male chauvinist game, because women and children were the targets.” Eighty percent of the victims we’re finding now are women. So not everything has changed for the better.

In this hidden realm, where the light of justice doesn’t reach, men can still get away with these horrors. This is why we need to do away with certain official secrecy laws enacted during WWII. Their intent was to deal with Hitler, so we don’t really need them anymore.

The earliest mind control we found, in the modern context, is a naval officer who had his memory suppressed in 1940, because it contained secrets of torture at the hands of the Japanese. Apparently he was both a torturer and was tortured. He remembered these terrors and relived them only in the last days of his life, in his late eighties, after he began to suffer the side-effects of a series of strokes and cardiovascular ailments. There’s a VA history of documentation on this man. He died in terror, screaming. He died from all the suppressed memories – memories that were both caused and suppressed by mind control.

The cardiovascular events could have been caused by the terror.

Good point.

Is there an average age where the mind control starts to wear off, and they start to remember?

Not really, because some people never remember anything other than some screen memories (false memories implanted to cover up the real programming). We know more about the other end of it – the origination of DPD. Normally, to create a high-quality multiple personality, they start before five years old. They start really young.

What’s the normal memory for a child? What does a normal person remember before they are five?

Oh, I remember being six months old.

You do?

Oh, sure. I think a lot of people remember some really early incidents. You don’t remember the continuous thread, but you remember falling off the bed, or you remember suddenly walking – taking that first step.

I think one of the signs of abuse and trauma is a complete lack of memory, especially if they continue to have missing time. If any of you listeners out there have clothes hanging in your closet that are your size but not your style, and they’re over on one side of the closet and they change now and then, but you don’t ever remember wearing them, it’s time to consult somebody.

My girls saw a show on HBO about a daughter being abused by her father. The way the suppressed memories came out is that she was a teenager, and all of a sudden, she started having nightmares. She was always withdrawn from people. She never felt she was good enough. She felt guilty, even perhaps dirty. It turns out her father had been abusing her since she was very small – sneaking into her bedroom. She felt that it was her fault. It was sad. So, how is this done artificially? Do they use B.F. Skinner techniques?

I only know about Skinner from what I’ve read, and I haven’t read all that much, so I can’t say how much the government uses his techniques.

We do know that in university settings, people have used their children. They felt they were doing the right thing.

Yes, we find that DPD is multi-generational, and that the intelligence community has known this for a long time. And these are the highest level of intellectuals, the cream of the crop in ivory-tower academia. Simply put, if you were abused as a child, you will probably abuse your children. This goes back in time, and forward in time. If the abuser was abused at six months, he will go and abuse someone at six months. Amazingly, they will repeat what was done to them. And sometimes, surprisingly, mothers do it.

There are many female abusers of children. Society does not want to talk about that. Have you ever come in contact with any of the products of Skinner behaviorism?

Yes, it was a form of abuse featuring isolation, deprivation, and alienation. If they can’t remember their childhood, say ten years old or before, then chances are there is something going on. If they lapse into unconsciousness and have missing time, they should see a therapist and start therapy as soon as possible. Dr. Colin Ross said he thought there could be as many as ten million people that were so programmed. A lot of them were abused by their parents and then picked up by the intelligence community. They canvassed the thousands of cults, worldwide, in the 1960s and 1970s.

One very vocal witness is Kathy O’Brien. She tells the story of her father using her and her brother in porn films as children, and selling them through the mails. The postal authorities busted him. They came to him and he was about to go to trial, in the 1960s, and they said, “Look, if you want to get out of this, you’ll play ball with us.” It was the Department of Defense. They said they would show him how to torture his children for real, and for their purposes. That started a lifetime of service. This cute little girl would later have sex with politicians and act as a drug mule. She would even become a courier to carry secret messages.

Before that, in the 1950s, we had Candy Jones – a classic example you mention in your book.

Before we get to Candy, here are some highlights of the research and the way things developed. In 1943, Hoffman discovered LSD, and then ten years later, the CIA tried to corner the world supply and buy it all up. From 1940 to ’47, the U.S. Army conducted numerous experiments in hypnosis, and Estabrooks, Watkins, and Fischer were the prominent researchers.

In 1950, Richard Helms was the DCI at the CIA, and was accompanied by two doctors who visited the U.S. embassy annex in Japan, where four Japanese were suspected of being Soviet agents. They were interrogated with sodium amytal and Benzedrine, and after experiencing the injections of these depressants and stimulants for 24 hours, the CIA documents indicate that the guys confessed.

In October 1950, the team flew to Korea, where they conducted similar tests on 25 North Korean POWs. But this time, they had no success. That same year, the director of the Research Center for Addiction at Lexington, Kentucky kept some men on LSD for 77 straight days, and addicts were paid off in heroin if they took part in the CIA drug test.

In 1951, McGill University’s Donald Held received a $23,000 contract with Canada’s Defense Research Board to study methods of producing attitude change through perceptual isolation. The Rockefeller Foundation put up $30,000 for similar research. In 195l, scientists representing the CIA, Canada’s DRB, and Great Britain’s MI-6 met on June 1st to discuss sharing their research findings on mind control.

Britain’s Henry Tissard said his country had not, at that time, conducted any such research. The CIA representatives were Carl Haskins and R.J. Williams. In 1952, the Department of Navy awarded $300,000 to a Dr. Richard Wendt of the University of Rochester to conduct mind control research, originally known as “Project Chatterbox.” This secret project was later renamed “Project Castigate” after the CIA got involved. Wendt claimed he had a substance that would make anyone talk, but he refused to disclose the ingredients, and his research was carried out in Frankfurt, West Germany. After some effort, the cryptocracy learned that Wendt was using Dexedrine, Secanol, and tetrahydrocannabinol. The records failed to mention that the CIA used his own potion on Wendt to obtain this information!

In 1953, “Operation Artichoke” used subjects who were suspected of being double agents, and other individuals of “dubious loyalty,” in mind control experiments that went on for ten years. The Rockefeller investigation revealed that the CIA was satisfied with six drugs it had developed for use in a variety of operations. So in the same year, 1953, the CIA rented adjacent apartments in Greenwich Village, where they photographed unsuspecting guinea pigs as they reacted to drugs slipped surreptitiously into their drinks.

The agency claimed that only 53 subjects were drugged in this field experiment. In the same year, the CIA funded the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) grants, which found their way to the University of California at Berkeley, where Timothy Leary was hard at work studying how to diagnose personality. There he was introduced to the cryptocracy by his drinking buddy, Frank Baron.

In 1954, CIA secret grants flowed to Harvard where Leary was conducting a study of how to change behavior by giving prisoners LSD in the Concord Correctional Facility. Leary’s boss at Harvard was David McClellan, former OSS employee. From 1955 to ’59, MK-ULTRA mind control research was conducted at 44 U.S. colleges and universities in the U.S. and Canada.

In 1956, the Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology, headed by Harald Wolf, gave Canadian doctor Ewen Cameron $38,000 for psychic driving experiments. It was revealed years later that the society was a CIA front organization. (The Human Ecology group funded John Mack’s early UFO abduction research at Harvard. JFK researcher Robert J. Lifton was a partner of Mack’s.)

In 1957, the Technical Services Division of CIA moved six drugs from the experimental category to the operational category. The CIA operators used LSD and psychoactive chemicals on 33 targets in six different operations. This is all official, and released by the CIA.

This is what we know about – very little, actually.

The MK-ULTRA experiments continued for years, but in the end, it was announced that the CIA experiments scored no major breakthrough with LSD or any other of the 149 different drugs that they experimented with. They said they found no effective truth drug, recruitment pill, or aphrodisiac. They could not control anybody’s mind. They were unsuccessful in creating even one Manchurian Candidate, the classified documents said.

From 1959 to 1971, pinup poster girl Candy Jones (Jessica Wilcox) was involved in courier and sex operations under the CIA’s direction. She used aliases such as “Arlene Grant,” and is thought to be one of the first “presidential” models, along with Marilyn Monroe. Candy had multiple personalities.

At what point did the CIA have freelancers using these drugs for profit and play, out on the streets?

Well, we know that Leary was connected with some of the drug labs, and that Billy Hitchcock got involved in funding and banking, putting the profits in Swiss banks. That’s all public information in the courts.

Was that freelance, or was the government involved with those profits and the manufacture?

See, this is the way the visible government works. Hitchcock went to school with all the spooks. His dad, Tommy Hitchcock, was a roommate of David Bruce, who was the Chief of Technological Intelligence of the OSS. Averill Harriman was a family friend. They’re part of the establishment. So even though they were making profits from this, no question, there was an intelligence atmosphere around the whole thing. And we have records in the CIA files of the CIA contacting Leary, Owsley, Aldous Huxley, and various other people.

Richard Helms destroyed 152 separate files, but we have reason to believe that Leary was one of his assets.

There was a little blip in Freedom magazine in which I mentioned that Leary admitted he was working for the CIA. I even have an audiotape of it.

Some of the work into the expansion of mind was done by very legitimate people, like Leary. It’s unfortunate that others around him used it to hurt mankind, when it could have been used to help people.

Government testing is as old as our history, and very often, it comes out of war. And of course we were in a thing called the Cold War at the time. Even though it may have been an artificial war, it was a war for the battle for men’s minds.

And their pocketbooks.

If you grab their minds, their pocketbooks will follow. As a matter of tact, on CNN, when the Soviet Union fell, they interviewed a high-ranking KGB officer, who said America had won that battle for the mind. And that was it. They never replayed that segment. But getting back to the timeline, Leary and many Hollywood characters were involved. John Lilly was around.

You know the famous story about Cord Meyer’s wife, Mary Meyer, and Leary. She was turning President John Kennedy on to LSD, and then she was murdered. There are several factions in the CIA. Frank Olson, CIA biowarfare scientist, was the victim of one faction. In 1978, he reportedly was pushed, or fell, or otherwise exited the 13th-story window of a New York City hotel.

His wife very recently got compensation.

They exhumed his body just a year ago, and they found out he was dead before he left the window. He was thrown out. They crushed his skull and threw him out the window. LSD wasn’t even involved in that. They used that as a cover.

So what’s happened with that case since then?

We don’t know about that but they’re going to reopen the suit. Murder is a different case. But he was running around with Gottlieb, Lashbrook, Colonel White, etc. White was one of the most insidious, as he was part of the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs. It was a precursor to the DEA, and his behavior has been linked to the cynical “war on drugs” approach of the DEA. He’s a former drug smuggler.

And what the government denies, free enterprise supplies. People want it if you say you can’t have it. So that raises price, and then in comes the underground economy. And that’s one of the reasons the underground economy is as big as the regular economy in the U.S. The attempts to control keep evolving, too. Now they seem to want to move into the occult. The occult is any myth, metaphor, or symbol in your mind, my mind, in anybody’s mind that means something.

“Occult” simply means “hidden.”

That’s it. It’s something inside yourself. Now, if I know that you think that you had a mystical experience and it involved butterflies, I’m going to use a butterfly to control you. If neurolinguistics programming has taught us anything, it has taught us that if you understand a person’s beliefs, you can manipulate them with their own beliefs.

So that’s what all the symbology is about. “Occult” also can mean “small group,” as in “a cult.” A re-tribalization is going on. Our families have failed us. Society has failed us. Therefore, people are looking for surrogates – things to replace the failed family.

Someone said to me there is no such thing as a homeless person; there are only people without a tribe. They are tribeless people. McLuhan predicted this in the 1960s. And it’s playing out right now, in the information age. There is a realignment. You know your family isn’t going to support you as much as the members of your own tribe, locked together in the same belief system.

In 1963, CIA personnel helped the underground chemists in the San Francisco Bay area set up illegal laboratories to manufacture LSD and related psychedelic drugs. President John Kennedy decided to do away with the federal deficit, and was considering taking monetary production away from the Federal Reserve, when he was assassinated in a public blood ritual, traumatizing the nation. Was the media used to issue the embedded commands? What’s the first thing that changed after the assassination? The Vietnam War – another large-scale bloodletting – was back on track.

The way it happens is trauma, then suggestion. And the suggestion forever changes something in the public consciousness. After the JFK assassination, everyone feared the government. It was done in public, on purpose. The public was punished, as a parent punishes a child. The message was, “You are going to get in line, because we can even kill your president.” A lot of the presidential “models,” or sex slaves, were told by their handlers, “See? We killed Kennedy; we can kill anybody.” This has been repeated to me, several times, in several interviews, by various people.

In 1964, CIA Director Richard Helms ordered that a Soviet defector, KGB Colonel Yuri Senko, undergo psychiatric evaluation to determine if he was telling the truth. Now Senko gave the CIA information about bugs in the U.S. embassy in Moscow, and named over twenty KGB sleeper agents in the west. After 3 1/2 years in the hands of the mind control specialists, he was released.

Helms remained skeptical of this Senko story, some which eventually proved to be true. In 1965-66, the CIA funded Operation Resurrection, which subjected lobotomized apes to radio telemetric electronic brain stimulation. The apes’ brains were stimulated by wires implanted inside their skulls for a while. Then their heads were decapitated and transferred to other bodies to see if energy from radio frequency could revive the animals.

In 1966, other apes were bombarded with radar waves that sautéed their brains within their craniums. Today that technology is available through a private company, run by a former government weapons engineer in Alamogordo, New Mexico. And does this not sound like Nazi experimentation? And crackpot Nazi experimentation at that.

We might add that at that time, nobody knew Mengele’s whereabouts. He was supposedly running all over, from South America to the American Southwest. He was actually in Arizona in the 1960s.

Yes, in 1965, the CIA paid Baltimore Laboratories $15,000 to find a drug that could be used to fake a means of suicide. They came up with several they thought might work with a careless pathologist. Now one wonders… I’d like to see the files on that. It would be hilarious, you know. Guys in white coats trying to revive corpses.

The same year, the CIA spent $700,000 on research with terminal cancer patients and mental defectives at Georgetown University. The unsuspecting patients were given a combination of stimulants, depressants, and stress-inducing drugs, in a failed attempt to replicate the psychic driving techniques developed earlier by Cameron in Canada.

That sounds somewhat like Ed Haslam’s upcoming book about the research of Mary Sherman, who was working out of Tulane University in New Orleans, injecting rats with cancer in conjunction with Lee Harvey Oswald and David Ferrie.

Colonel George White, former Bureau of Narcotics agent, repeated a 1953 field experiment with adjoining apartments on Telegraph Hill in San Francisco. The project was codenamed “Midnight Climax.” White filmed CIA-paid prostitutes giving their johns LSD from behind a one-way mirror. It was believed that LSD effects on sexuality would show up on the film.

White was also active in New York City giving powerful psychoactive chemicals like Ibogaine and undocumented drugs, in unmeasured quantities, to selected leaders of the antiwar movement and civil rights activists. In 1966, Ronald Reagan was elected governor of California. “Operation Spellbinder” was a CIA research project that attempted to hypnotize an agent into becoming a “sleeper” assassin.

The FOIA released documents saying that hypnosis was tried on several Cuban immigrants. The goal was to plant an agent in Cuba who, when triggered, would kill Fidel Castro. The CIA documents say this didn’t work, but independent research turned up first-person witnesses claiming that classically conditioned Multiple Personality Disorder agents were at work within Cuba from Castro’s rise to power in the late 1950s.

In October 1966, possession of LSD was declared a Class One felony, stopping all research on it. The psychedelic 60s were over, and the war on drugs began. The cryptocracy’s black ops funds grew fat. In 1967, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s Project Pandora got under way. Pandora concluded in 1969, stating that nothing would be clear without experiments on human subjects in their natural settings.

Nixon approved “basic research” on voluntary human subjects. In 1968, at the peak of student unrest, Dr. Gordon J.F. McDonald, Science Advisor to Lyndon B. Johnson, described how manmade changes in the earth’s ionosphere could be used for mass behavior control. He pointed out that low-frequency electromagnetic operations could be used to attack the brainwaves of human beings. He stated, “Perturbation of the environment can produce changes in behavioral patterns.”

When was this information declassified?

In the late 1970s. I recently pitched a documentary, through my agent in New York, to several major television companies, with one of them being 60 Minutes. And 60 Minutes said, “Oh, we’ve done that. We did that in the ‘70s already.” But the understanding that they had in the ‘70s was very shallow; it’s nothing like what we know today. And it should be done and redone and redone until people get it. It’s the biggest story since the atom bomb.

As long as you have Mike Wallace with 60 Minutes, you’re not going to have that story come out in full flower.

In 1968, presidential models and spooks were given vaccinations against Auto-Immune Deficiency Syndrome. AIDS is still believed to be a blood-transmitted disease that can be sexually transmitted. It is still commonly believed that there is no cure at all.

Eyewitnesses from the intelligence community, recovering MPDs and DPDs, Project Monarch victims, etc. testify differently. Though it wasn’t called AIDS in those days, many of them were given vaccinations. Fletcher Prouty tells us that some of the boys on his secret team were also inoculated against HIV.

We’re one big laboratory. And anybody who works for the government is owned by the government. They are the first to be experimented on. Even though they do sign themselves away when they, say, join the military, you do have civil rights if you have a contract with the U.S. government.

The concept of “I will die for my country” is the wrong premise to run things on. Nobody needs to die now. You can let the robots die. And nobody needs to die for country. Die for something more worthwhile than the country – an institution that’s been replaced by networks.

This timeline is not set in stone. If you are a part of this and you feel bad about it, you can stop it. I don’t know about putting your life on the line, but you would be saving your fellow human beings. The U.S. government signed an agreement to stop mind control experimentation, but that doesn’t mean they won’t make them black-budget items.

A year-and-a-half ago, they signed an international treaty that they wouldn’t experiment on their own citizens anymore. But they proposed the treaty four years before, and they took their time signing it, which gave them time to go private with all this research, where there are no controls.

Kissinger said in a congressional hearing, “We do not assassinate foreign leaders.” But that was after they had assassinated all the leaders on their list.

Yes, we can’t prevent what has already happened, but we can prevent it in the future. That’s the main thing: never let it happen again. In 1970, Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder published Psychic Discoveries Behind The Iron Curtain. The book motivated Congress to order the Department of Defense to close the mind-gap.

National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski, the founding director of David Rockefeller’s Trilateral Commission, founder of the infamous FEMA, wrote, “Technology will make available to leaders of major nations a variety of techniques for conducting secret warfare, of which only a bare minimum of the security forces need to be apprised. It is possible and tempting to exploit for strategic political purposes the fruits of research on the brain and on human behavior. Accurately timed, artificially excited electronic strokes could lead to a pattern of oscillations that produce relative high power levels over certain regions of Earth. In this way, one could develop a system that would seriously impair the brain performance of a very large population in selected regions over an extended period.”

You can see what’s coming. In 1971, the CIA paid three professional astrologers $350 a week to predict the future in Operation OFTEN, which ran from May 1971 to October 1972. I wonder if those predictions came true? In 1973, Dr. Joseph Sharp discovered he could hear his own voice when the microwave analog of soundwaves was beamed at the back of his head, in an experiment conducted at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research.

According to Allan H. Frey, of General Electric Advanced Electronics Center, Cornell University, the human auditory system responds to modulated electromagnetic energy. Under extremely low power intensities of electromagnetic energy, humans can perceive sounds as induced in normal and deaf humans. The effect was induced from several hundred feet, from an antenna, the instant the transmitter was turned on.

These experiments could be involved in the creation of “alien abduction” experiences. In 1973, the Rockefeller Report revealed that DCI Richard Helms ordered 153 separate MK-ULTRA files destroyed as his last act of office. The files that survived reveal a long history of criminal activities, by individuals hiding behind the National Security Act and running amok, arrogantly treating citizens of their own country as so many lab rats.

To date, nobody has been brought to justice on this criminal behavior. Maybe perhaps we should give them all a pardon, so that they can tell us the secrets that they’ve hidden so long. If we give them all a pardon, we could have Cold War crime trials. Let’s find out what happened, so that it will never happen again.

Compartmentalization, or “need to know,” keeps scientists from really knowing what they are working on. In the 1960s, at Brookhaven on Long Island, they were shooting lasers around. And one of the camera crewmembers said, “Oh look! That laser burned a hole through a two-inch piece of steel! It’s a deathray!” The scientist in charge corrected him, saying, “No, that is a measuring device.”

1973 saw Jolly West trying to brainwash students at the Center for the Study and Treatment of Violence with Earl Brian. From 1973 to ’76, we have the Pike Committee, the Church Committee, and the Rockefeller Commission holding hearings about the tip of the mind control iceberg. In 1975, the CIA began conducting research on how human beings “respond to stimuli.” The CIA claimed it had used no drugs in these experiments, which were conducted in a San Diego hospital and supposedly ended in 1977.

In 1976, George Bush, Ronald Reagan’s protégé, was appointed DCI by Gerald Ford. One of Bush’s first decisions as DCI was to authorize experiments on involuntary human subjects with microwave beams. In 1977, eight institutions, including 44 colleges and universities, were notified by the CIA that their campuses had hosted MK-ULTRA and related research in the ‘50s and ‘60s. The Gestichner Fund for Medical Research, based in Georgetown, and the Human Ecology Fund (chaired by the president of Brown University) were two of the main CIA conduits passing MK-ULTRA research funds.

From 1979 to ’84, “advanced development” got under way. In 1980, Reagan was elected the law-and-order president, and things began to roll behind the scenes, with George Bush running the addled actor turned president. In 1981, Al Gore was appointed to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, on which he served on the Energy and Commerce Subcommittee, with oversight on all government-sponsored research at university laboratories. Gore was thus in a position to quash investigations of involuntary human subject research.

Gore also served on the Appropriations Subcommittee dealing with the flow of funds to the intelligence community. In 1981, Major Oliver North was brought to the White House to set up a domestic Project PHOENIX for the National Security Council. North was a junior officer under Col. Fletcher Prouty in earlier days, and Prouty said, “North was so dumb, I wouldn’t send him out to mail a letter.” North’s first job at the White House was to set up the Crisis Management Center in the basement, from which George Bush ran the intelligence community for eight years.

In 1983, William French Smith, the Attorney General, split the domestic counter- intelligence and terrorism turf up between the FBI and FEMA. Major North was the NSC liaison to FEMA. Mind control operations went to FEMA, over which there was no congressional oversight. In May of 1983, the Department of Defense stole the PROMIS software from INSLAW. Cryptocracy insiders have described all this research and development, which included extremely low-level energy, electromagnetism, photons, bioplasms, and similar categories of electrobiological communication and electronic interception techniques.

In 1984, prototype development began. That’s another term that needs to be researched in its history of uses under the DOD. There were massive demonstrations and so-called field tests of invisible weapons. In March 1984, Tyler’s paper, “The Electromagnetic Spectrum in Low-Intensity Conflict,” was written at Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama. In April or thereabouts, the CIA raided North’s office and took over mind control operations. The same year, Greenham Common women were assaulted with radio frequency and other weapons by the U.S. Air Force, General Electric Aerospace, and NASA.

They all went into invisible weapons and mind control in a big way. In 1984, Mind Wars by Ronald McRae was published. McRae was a journalist who had previously worked with the Office of Naval Research. Then, ten years later, he “recanted” after a brief stay in a mental institution. In 1985, Vitali Yvchenko was kidnapped in Rome by the CIA.

Soviet psychotronic research and operations continued so that “one can program anything into the brain of experimental subjects,” it was said. “A human being becomes a silent cog in a hellish machine of all-devouring fear. An individual’s brain can be suppressed, and activities curtailed, so that an individual will submit to any wish of the operators,” said Emil Fedorovich Bucharin and Molodoya Gvardya. In 1986, CIA director William Casey died suddenly of a brain tumor. The mind control operations went into a holding pattern while the Senate confirmed William Webster as DCI.

GWEN, the Ground Wave Emergency Network, had begun in the early ‘80s. Dr. Robert Becker said that GWEN is a superb system, in combination with cyclotron resonance, for producing behavioral alterations in the civilian population. I refer you to Project HAARP. In 1988, Former CIA Director George Bush was elected president. Some researchers think that mind control was used to detain Michael Dukakis in the Massachusetts State House until after Labor Day. In 1989, Bush declared this would be the “decade of the brain.”

Mind control went fully operational. Several researchers told that literally thousands of individuals were designated to be sacrificed in behavioral neuroscience experiments – especially University Research Initiative of the Office of Naval Reconnaissance. Those who lived were recycled into other uses by the cryptocracy. In the same year, George Bush declared war on drugs, using the embedded command: “Just Say No.” Drug consumption went up. Prices went up. The black ops funds of the cryptocracy swelled.

We know that if you tell a kid “no,” he does the opposite, so “no” is an embedded command to do the opposite. (Studies have shown that drug use goes up after anti-drug advertisements.) In 1991, operations BUG, THIRD CHANCE, DERBY HAT, and MK-ULTRA (under which brain implants had been studied for two decades), were placed in the hands of South American dictators to be used against drug cartel leaders.

In ’93, the FBI, ATF, and Delta Force teams tested psychological and psychotronic warfare on the Branch Davidians at Waco, Texas. Microwaves were beamed at the compound, as evidenced by a number of videos of the dishes pointed directly at the main building. Loudspeakers played all night, along with bright lights and subliminal commands. Jolly West visited there to consult with the spooks surrounding the compound.

In 1994, Energy Secretary Hazel O’Leary declassified millions of secret documents. It was learned quickly that radioactive materials were used on U.S. adults and children. Project MONARCH survivors began to understand why so many of them had radioactive damage to the thyroid glands. And October 21st, 1994, the U.S. signed the convention against torture after four long years of wrangling.

On September 10, 1994, the space shuttle Discovery utilized a powerful green laser directed at key sections of North America and other parts of the globe. Pulses from the shuttle laser bounced off thick high clouds over a tropical storm. Pulsed at 10 hertz, researchers believe that this was a behavioral experiment that had been predicted ten years before. Ten cycles per second is the same frequency as the Woodpecker signal, and it is within the human brainwave frequency.

Researchers believe it was used in conjunction with RF signals broadcast from the HAARP Antenna in Alaska, which was also tested during Discovery’s flight. As Dr. Becker says in The Body Electric that hypnotists often use a strobe light flashing at alpha-wave frequencies to ease a subject into trance. The same or other signal could carry a subliminal message.

Strobe lights were used in discos to put patrons into a trance.

Yes, and in 1995, the Residential Committee on Radiation began to hear evidence of MK-ULTRA survivors who were used as radiation guinea pigs in their childhood. Most of us were victims of experiments and operations by the U.S. government during the Cold War. That history is still unfolding. Supposedly the remaining JFK files are to be released next week, but I have my doubts that all will be released.

In 50 years of this secret experimentation, the cryptocracy discovered a language of the subconscious, and while technology is employed, it all boils down to the human mind and the way it works. Language, peer pressure, and behavioral trends are more powerful than any hardware.

The cryptocracy found the Rosetta stone to the human mind which, if ever fully released from the cryptocracy safe, might make criminality and mental illness a thing of the past. It might make every child a genius and every citizen happy, creative, and intellectually productive from the cradle to the grave. It might produce a golden age in which the human species will begin to claim its birthright, rediscover its suppressed higher abilities, and finally be allowed to leave this playpen of a planet, to wander sanely among the stars.

Published with the permission of New Saucerian Publishing via Andrew Colvin

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