A Summer of Psychological Terrors Spawns Mutant Powers

A tale of terror…

This Summer has been psychological torture via Moving, Dating, Money, Work, Politics. Luckily suffering unleashes my powers on many levels. I am moving stuff a little at a time to new location and may take til end of year to get there completely. I am sitting in a house that is foreclosing. They haven’t started yet but still stressful. Waiting on my job every month to pay once a month can be tedious. The show is still going on. Great shows coming up! I wanna thank everyone who has checked on me or who is on my fb wall chilling. Very grateful people give a phuck about me. Gratitude. Thanks for your support. Other ways to help paypal donations for the show email is mabusincarnate@gmail.com Alms for the poor! I’ll be better after settled. All this shit is bad on the ocd and agoraphobic tendencies. Seize the day and Seize the night! I send love from my light filled dark glassed heart!

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