Smoke Signals: If It Ain’t The End Of The World It Oughta Be

If It Ain’t The End Of The World It Oughta Be.

I got a line up with my other hosts for the Fall and beyond that is amaze balls. This place has been free always. I don’t beg for donations like some other places do every single day. The only reason I did more this year is because of apocalyptic scenarios in my life. Things are better but it ain’t over til the phat lady sings or so they say. I’m chubby and sing also. ha! Actually lost 45 lbs. My biggest problem with moving has been all these books and that soon will be taken care of. Then another problem has been my job only pays me once a month. When I am settled I plan to travel hopefully in the future a little and also write my next book.

I started to this year but then Ragnarok hit. I wanna thank everyone for listening and their support. I know the support is there because I talk to you every day on Facebook chilling on my page and my friend’s list is at 5000. If you’d like to donate you can via paypal mabusincarnate@gmail.com you just go to the send function and presto. Haven’t gotten one in a little while probably because everybody is broke.

Welcome to the new ‘Merika! Grab your horse and cart! Keep sending them smoke signals because Sauron and the Orcs have set up camp in America! Time to bring in the hobbits and Gandalf and the Dwarven raiders! Yea I’m crazy we’ve been knowing that. Howls. Descend into All Hallow’s Eve!


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