Nomar Slevik: Otherworldly Encounters: Evidence of UFO Sightings and Abductions

Coming November 9th 8pm eastern

Nomar’s Amazon Bio

UFOs, Unknown Entities, and High Strangeness in the American Northeast

Explore the realm of the unknown with more than three dozen true stories of unexplained phenomena. Join ufologist and paranormal researcher Nomar Slevik as he shares fascinating tales of sightings and abductions centered in the Northeast’s UFO hotspots. Discover the truth about lights in the sky and aliens on the ground from firsthand witnesses and experiencers.

Otherworldly Encounters includes investigations of UFOs, crop circles, alien abductions, monsters, extraterrestrial biological entities, balls of light, and more. With reports dating back to the 1800s, this is an in-depth guide to phenomena that have puzzled and frightened witnesses for generations. Using the best technological equipment and immersive investigative techniques, Nomar Slevik has collected shocking evidence that is truly out of this world.

My name is Nomar Slevik and I love kitties, UFOs, and hip-hop. I have been writing and recording music since I was 12 years old and have released a plethora of albums mostly on the amazing record label, Milled Pavement Records. With that said, I have been fascinated by all things paranormal since early childhood, beginning with a UFO encounter I had at 4 years old. I am now 40 and my life’s passion has been to research, investigate and write about UFO and alien encounters from everyday people and to share those stories with as wide an audience as possible. The reason for this is three-fold, I want to share the older stories with today’s readers and keep them alive for years to come and to archive the new stories whenever they become available. Lastly, I want to share stories from everyday people from around the globe in a way that conveys the human element of profoundly strange encounters.

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