Hurricane Michael is Coming Home To Flawduh

Here’s Johnny!

I am sitting and waiting for Michael to come home. These could be my last words to you ever. I love when I hear old enemies from radio running their mouths about me still. When I have not spoke to them or about them in many years. Some people just cannot let go. I have likened paranormal and UFO communities to Junior High. When I mention old enemies on social media no one knows who they are anymore. That is pretty amusing. At least they know who I am. But who am I kidding in 100 years no one will hardly know who any of us are. That is the harsh cold reality of the Grim Reaper. It has been a long year with many ups and downs. And lemme tell you no one needs a Hurricane right now. lol Specially after some dumb phuck named it after a slasher killer. Life in America is hard and slavery on many levels. So many lost from disease and stress via simply just trying to pay the bills. So I try to be chipper in situations like Category 3 Hurricanes coming to wipe me off the face of the Earth! Death is Liberation! No more bills! No more nothing! Damn I will miss Red Dead Redemption 2 though on October 26th. The War Pigs have the power and God only knows what oblivion awaits. So be chipper when it comes to looking into face of danger! Stay Chipper! Protect the Earth and change the fate of America. Thanks for listening all these years. I send my love from my dark glassed heart. Stay Hard! ha ha ha Only the groovy will get that reference. Okay one of the movies that started me on radio Pump up the Volume. I was a lot more shocking back then.. here lately.. only the jaded.

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