Wounded & Healing: Restoring Sanity from Michael

I’m back. The Eye of Michael passed over my house in Marianna FL. I was in the tub with my dogs whilst reading psalms with no electricity or net or radio or anything. It got quiet and I went outside like a fool turns out later I was standing in the eye. lol Luckily not out there very long.

No power at that location for 2 weeks to a month so went ahead and went to another city where I was moving to anyway. Finally got power and net today and last night.

Military and cops and full mad house down here that is for sure. Messed with my OCD bad and was walking around in shock for a few days.

Definitely the most apocalyptic situation Ive ever been in. Worst part is no ac or anything and the hot FL sun baking u like an egg. I met a British cop friend in the area I moved to which was weird didnt know Brits were here. First time I’ve met one here.

Then an Army Dad and his son and wife have a generator next door and made us grub and coffee. Seen a lot of folks helping each other which is good of course. I saw a lot of friends helping friends and family helping family and strangers helping strangers. I had no wheels and was a bit shell shocked so a lot of people helped me. But that morning after the storm I searched my neighborhood to make sure no elderly or anyone was hurt and they all came out to the street to meet me luckily.

The morale of the story is.. always be prepared. Because yes usually these powerful storms get over hyped by the media and it just rains.

So I figured it would do just that. Boy was I wrong. Luckily I had some things around the house that helped but would have been a lot better if I was more prepared. If I would have stayed where the eye hit I’d still be there dying probably from the Sun.

The heat is the worst part when there is no electricity. I use to call Florida Flawduh and make fun of it a lot like everyone else. I will no longer call it Flawduh. I wrote a quote after the storm to sum up Florida.

Peeps make fun of FL. After today I will no longer say Flawduh. I saw flesh & spirit bend via Michael. Then I saw the guise of Christ helping folk. Wounded & healing. J.P.

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PS to my enemies.. I can never die. I’m already undead ya dipshits.

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