Dick Kicked By Mercury Retrograde

Just when you think it’s calm..

Mercury Retrograde just dick kicked me so hard. First off my air mattress that was new died within a month after Hurricane Michael. Then I was at a social site Badoo and apparently its based in the UK. Anyway an ad came on and I went to close out said ad. Next thing u know Paypal charged 159.99 for lifetime membership to this place. lol Disputing it at paypal but from what I read im screwed. So basically the money for the new bed and what I saving to renew the website in 2019 is gone. Tons of people complaining about badoo ripping them off online similar way. I literally hit close out and got charged. Weirdest thing I’ve ever seen. Anyway if anyone can throw some alms to the poor donation wise paypal email is the following mabusincarnate@gmail.com of course you send from Paypal. Thanks going to go puke now like the Exorcist. Cause that is what I feel like. Yours Truly, Dick Kicked.

PS and to enemies that sniff around here.. Please go get therapy.

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